Buying Equipment

Our coaches will provide equipment for beginners to use until they are sure they wish to take up the sport. All your child needs for his or her first few weeks is a pair of lightweight trainers, tracksuit bottoms or similar and one t-shirt to wear while training and another to wear home.

Most people prefer to have their own mask so this is often the first purchase. Take advice from your child’s coach about sizing, as this varies between suppliers. While sports shops do not currently carry fencing equipment, clubs normally have a discount arrangement with the major fencing suppliers, some of whom are listed below.


The following manufacturers ship fencing equipment to Ireland. Fencing Ireland is unable to make recommendations about specific products, however most coaches, clubmates and senior fencers will be happy to offer opinions and advice.

Blade Sizes

Fencing weapons are sold in a range of sizes to suit differing age groups. The standard size used at Cadet, Junior and Senior level is size 5. Some Minor (U14) competitions only allow blades of Size 3 or smaller. Your coach will be able to advise on the most suitable size before you invest in blades.