Assessment sessions 2017/18: 19 December 2017 & 6 May 2018 at Loreto Abbey, Dalkey, Co. Dublin. Contact coach Olga Velma to register.

About the Scheme

The Fencing Ireland Achievement Awards scheme is our coaching model for beginner to intermediate level foilists and épéeists. The awards are currently offered at the following clubs:

  • Pembroke Fencing Club
  • Brian Boru Fencing Club

If you would like to introduce the FI Awards at your club, the Youth Committee will be happy to work with you.

About the Levels

Level 1 is the most basic accreditation, leading eventually to to Level 9 which is very advanced. The coaching towards these levels will be the responsibility of our current coach, who is aware of the necessary standard required for the successful completion of each level.

For each fencer who wishes to take part, assessments will occur on a set date as listed on the Youth Calendar. Assessments will be carried out by Fencing Ireland-recognised coaches, who will award a pass where appropriate. It is necessary for students to have learned the relevant skills for each level with our coaches before they sit their assessment. Our coach will be taking time to teach the required skills to all who apply in the weeks before the assessment day. It will also be a requirement to have a good knowledge of the related notes in the describe section of each level.

In general, we anticipate that fencers may progress through two levels per year; more advanced intermediate fencers (in their 2nd year and beyond) who wish to join the award scheme at this later stage may be able to reach to level 3–4 within their first year of assessments.

About the Awards

Fencers can check what is required for their assessment by checking out the Achievement Awards online. Fencers will be allocated individual assessment times.

1st Grade – Bronze star badge

2nd  Grade – Bronze star badge

3rd Grade – Bronze Foil badge

4th Grade – Silver star badge 

5th Grade- Silver star badge

6th Grade – Silver Foil badge

7th Grade – Gold star badge 

8th Grade – Gold star badge 

9th Grade – Gold Foil badge

There will be a charge of €20 for each assessment and the successful fencer will be awarded a Certificate and woven badge for their tracksuit or fencing jacket.

We would ask that anyone interested in participating in an assessment should return the Application ASAP with Payment, so we can ensure we have sufficient awards to distribute.