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In a huge competition weekend, eight Irish fencers competed at the Welsh Open in Cardiff.

Foil (of 102)

  •  2nd   David Alexander (Nottingham Cavaliers)
    Undefeated in the pool, David Alexander seeded 2nd for the DE and knocked out Cheng (Oxford University) 15-11, Wild (Cardiff University) 15-10 and Billing (Truro FC) 15-10.  Alexander scored a convincing semi-final win against Schlindwein (Cambridge University) but was outfenced by returning British champion Rhys Melia in a 15-7 final.
  •  5th   James Brosnan (University of Warwick)
    Also V6D0 in the pool, Brosnan defeated Duranisovic (Academy) 15-4, Alderman (Salle Holyrood) 15-4, Corlett (ZFW) 15-10 to meet Ostacchini (Salle Boston) in the L16. Brosnan was knocked out 15-10.
  • 43rd  Patrick Dempsey (Saxon FC)
    V4D2, defeating Dobson (Isle of Man) 15-6 in the L128. Dempsey went out 15-5 to Tom Corlett (ZFW).
  • 63rd  Christopher Lennon (Salle Boston)
    Despite a V1D5 pool, Lennon overturned Burn (Cocks Moor Wood) to reach the L64. He was defeated 15-9 by Morris (Cambridge University).
  • 73rd  Eoghan Cromie (Truro FC)
    Cadet fencer Cromie seeded just outside the L64 after a V2D4 pool. He was knocked out 15-11 by Lewis (Cardiff University).


  • 44th Rachel Conner (Laszlo's) – of 101
    Conner fenced a V4D2 pool and knocked out Claessen (Don Quichote) 15-4 in the L64. She was defeated 15-7 by an on-form Alix Turley (Hereford & Worcester).


  •  5th  Michael Jacob of 49
    A V6D0 pool saw Jacob seed 5th, earning a bye into the L32. He eliminated Academy's Jung 15-4 and scored 15-9 over Wilson (Shakespeare’s Swords) in the L16. He was knocked out 15-12 by Nathan Potter (Camden FC) in the quarter-final and placed 5th overall.
  • 9th Kathryn Marshall (Foyle FC) – of 27
    Marshall seeded 10th with pool victories over Carnac (Northampton), Francis (Academy), Narey (Bath Sword), and Elys (Pegasus). She knocked out Amalia Couzoff (Academy) 15-7 in the L32 to face Northern Irish sabreuse Naomi Lee (Army Fencing Union). The West of Ireland champion prevailed, defeating Marshall 15-13 and going on to place 7th.

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