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The Stockholm épée satellite took place this weekend, comprising the SAF Pokalen tournament and the Rehbinder Prize.

Fencing on Saturday, Sweden-based Benedict Chambers was V4D2 in the seeding pool with victories over Svensson SWE, Jouffray FRA, Torven SWE and Heikkari FIN. Irish #1 Geoffrey Corcoran (QUB) was also V4D2, beating Strom SWE, Vassallo ITA, Skold SWE and Rosenberg SWE. Both seeded well inside the top half and qualified comfortably for the tableau with byes into the L64.

Chambers was knocked out 15-11 by Schmid AUT, finishing 44th of 104 fencers. Corcoran lost to Kimfors SWE in the same round to place 47th.

Making her international debut, Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s) defeated Lindgren SWE and Lejon SWE in the first pool and Wesslen SWE in the second. Unfortunately she was the first fencer to miss the cut for the tableau, and placed 51st of 67 fencers.

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