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Fencing Ireland is hosting the Irish Open FIE Satellite on 11 November and we need twelve volunteers to help us prepare for the competition.

The hall at the National Indoor Arena will be available to us from 18:30 until 22:00. Every little does help – even if you can only contribute 15 minutes while a friend is at weapon control, we’d welcome all hands on deck. Elsewhere in the building, the Fencing Ireland team will be conducting Registration, running Weapon Control, and setting up the software for Saturday’s event.

As ever there will be pizza after set-up (in addition to our sincere thanks!)

Current Volunteers


  1. Duncan Salter
  2. Cian Spillane
  3. Scott O’Malley


  1. Duncan Salter
  2. Laura Donaghy
  3. Scott O’Malley

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