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Students from twelve different colleges have made it onto the panel for this year’s Student 5 Nations, taking place in Cardiff:

Men’s Épée
Dawid Kulka (IT Tallaght)
Jamie Simpson (Imperial College London)
Albert Sanfeliu (Trinity College Dublin)
Giovanni Buzzi (Trinity College Dublin)

Women’s Épée
Lucy Johnson (Trinity College Dublin)
Sorcha Mellon-Whelan (University College Dublin)
Sive Brassil (University College Dublin)
Laura Donaghy (University College Dublin)

Men’s Foil
Phillip Cripwell (Trinity College Dublin)
Stephen Brown (Queen’s University Belfast)
James Brosnan (University of Warwick)
Christopher Lennon (Imperial College London)
NTR: Rory Hayes (University College Cork)

Women’s Foil
Crystal Percival (Trinity College Dublin)
Victoria Duxbury (University of Edinburgh)
Lucy Taylor (University of Edinburgh)
Katie Gillespie (Queen’s University Belfast)
NTR: Leona Cashman (University College Cork)

Men’s Sabre
Fionn Flynn (Dundalk IT)
Patrick Hayes (Trinity College Dublin)
Brian Crowley (University College Dublin)
Jake Wylie (Ulster University)
NTR: Nigel Johnson Steeves (University College Cork)
Women’s Sabre
Imogen McGuckin (Trinity College Dublin)
Kathryn Marshall (University of Surrey)
Bethany Rush (Trinity College Dublin)
Niamh Keogh (NUI Galway)
NTR: Catriona Dennehy (University College Cork)

Many thanks to team selectors Colm Flynn (épée), John Wyatt (foil) and Stephen Concannon (sabre).

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