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Well done to the Irish fencers who contested the London International Open this weekend. For the first time, the tournament appears on the Irish rankings as a nominated GB event. Accordingly, the épée rankings at cadet, junior and senior level have been updated as of 3 October.

Miller-Hallett Cup – Men’s Épée, 102 fencers
19th  Maxton Milner (DUFC / RTWFC)
45th  David Burnside (Cambridge University)
70th  Duncan Salter (Pembroke FC)
72nd  Jamie Simpson (Imperial College)
84th  Dawid Kulka (Pembroke FC)
86th  Jonathan Burnside (Foyle College)

Milner-Barry Cup – Women’s Épée, 101 fencers
36th  Emma Andrews (Plymouth FC)
37th  Anna-Lise Mion (Pembroke FC)
40th  Camille Boelt Hindsgaul (DUFC)
48th  Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s)
67th  Lucy Johnson (DUFC)
98th  Lorette Laschetti (Lansdowne)

Photo by Niki Bruckner, via Leon Paul Fencing Centre website.

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