On this page you will find useful links to other fencing organisations, including international governing bodies and fencing manufacturers.

International Fencing Organisations

Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE) – the international governing body for the sport of fencing

European Fencing Confederation – the body responsible for the European Championships and zonal circuit at Cadet and under-23 level.

For Future of Fencing – an international charity which aims to popularise fencing

Nahouw – international competition database

Ophardt – German website with realtime results of major fencing competitions

Fencing Academies

Académie d’Armes Internationale – The World Association of National Fencing Academies

The Irish Academy of Arms (Acadamh Armas na hÉireann)

Irish Sport Websites

The Irish Sports Council – co-ordinates the sustainable development of competitive and recreational sport in Ireland.

Olympic Council of Ireland – manages and co-ordinates Team Ireland at the Olympic Games whilst developing the Olympic Movement in Ireland.

Coaching Ireland – develops and raises the standard of coaching in Ireland in partnership with national governing bodies.

Women In Sport – promotes participation of women of all ages in sport in Ireland.

Pentathlon Ireland – the Modern Pentathlon Association of Ireland.

Fencing Equipment Suppliers

Please note that these links are provided for information; the IFF can not endorse or recommend the products or content of any commercial site.

Absolute Fencing Gear (USA)

Allstar: German site or UK distributor.

Artos (Germany)

BladesBrand (UK)

Carmimari (Italy)

Duellist (UK)

Favero (Italy)

Fence With Fun (Germany)

Leon Paul (UK)

Negrini (Italy)

PBT: Havana Fencing (Irish distributor) or PBT UK (UK distributor)

Prieur (France)

Sword Price Fighters (UK)

Uhlmann (Germany)