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As the world’s best fencers are decided in Rio, the new domestic season opens in Cork on 27-28 August. With the South of Ireland Open just new weeks away, the start-of-season national rankings are now available in the Rankings section.

The weapon #1s at the start of the season are as follows.


Épée: Ido Ajzenstadt (Pembroke Fencing Club) & Charlotte Slater (Lisburn Gladiators Fencing Club)
Foil: Phillip Cripwell (Pembroke FC) & Joana Ramalho
Sabre: Stephen Concannon (Salle Dublin) & Beth Taylor (Lisburn Gladiators)


Épée: Philip Slater (QUB) & Charlotte Slater (Lisburn Gladiators)
Foil: Paul Verdon (RBAI) & Anna Lee (Pembroke FC)
Sabre: Brian Murray (Foyle Fencing) & Beth Taylor (Lisburn Gladiators)


Épée: Antoine O’Kelly (Pembroke FC) & Charlotte Slater (Lisburn Gladiators)
Foil: Luke Wallace (Grosvenor Fencing Club) & Charlotte Slater (Lisburn Gladiators)
Sabre: Alex Leech (Boyne Valley FC) & Beth Taylor (Lisburn Gladiators)

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