This page lists international training camps, covering all weapons and all age groups.

DateEventWeapon/sLocationAge GroupLink
31 Mar-3 April 2017Brian Boru FC International Épée CampEpeeBlanchardstown, Dublin14+Webpage
3-5 April 2017Salle Kiss Easter Training CampFoilManchester, UK12+Flyer
3-7 April 2017Leon Paul Easter Training CampEpeeWest London, UK15-22Website
5-7 April 2017Leon Paul Mini Easter Training CampEpee FoilWest London, UK8-14Website
9-14 April 2017Easter CampFoilAlkmaar, Netherlands12+Flyer and Website
10-12 April 2017Salle Holyrood Easter CampEpee FoilEdinburgh, UK8-20Website
10-13 April 2017Pembroke FC Easter CampFoilBallsbridge, Dublin8-16Application
10-13 April 2017ZFW Easter CampFoilWest London, UK12+Website
July/AugustFrascati Fencing Summer TrainingEpee Foil SabreRome, Italy12+Websiste
10-14 July 2017Pembroke FC Summer Camp 1FoilRathmines, Dublin8-16Application
17-21 July 2017Pembroke FC Summer Camp 2FoilRathmines, Dublin8-16Application
24-27 July 2017Newham Swords Summer CampFoilEast London, UK12+Website
24-29 July 2017Dream FC International Summer CampEpeeSurrey, UK13+Flyer and Website
24-28 July 2017Pembroke FC Summer Camp 3FoilRathmines, Dublin8-16Application
24-30 July 2017Mastercamp VicenzaEpeeVicenza, Italy18+Flyer and Website
29 July-5 August 2017International Allstar Fencing CampEpeeReutlingen, Germany12+Flyer and Website
30 July-5 August 2017Fencing Academy JesiFoilJesi, Italy8+Website
31 July-5 August 2017Truro FC Summer CampEpee Foil SabreCornwall, UK8+Website
31 July-5 August 2017Leon Paul Youth Foil Camp FoilWest London, UK8-15Website
7-11 August 2017Leon Paul Youth Epee/Sabre Camp Epee SabreWest London, UK8-15Website
7-11 August 2017Salle Kiss Summer CampEpee Foil SabreBudapest, Hungary12+Flyer
7-11 August 2017Salle Holyrood Summer CampFoilEdinburgh, UK8+Website
13-19 August 2017Temple-Sur-Lot Veterans Training CampEpee FoilAquitaine, France35+Flyer
19-24 August 2017West Country Swords Summer CampEpee FoilMalvern, UK7+Website
19-26 August 201712th International Épée CampEpeeNaucelle, France12-20Flyer
19-26 August 2017Valles Summer CampEpeeSouth Tyrol, Italy13-20Flyer
20-26 August 2017Temple-Sur-Lot Cadet Training CampEpee FoilAquitaine, France14-17Flyer
20-27 August 20178th International Training CampFoil EpeeBocholt, Germany13+Flyer
20-27 August 2017Haverstock Training CampEpeeBudapest, Hungary14+Website
26 Aug-2 Sept 2017Valles Summer CampEpeeSouth Tyrol, Italy11-14Flyer
28 Aug-1 Sept 2017Le Pechoux/Boubakri MasterclassFoilAix-en-Provence, France11-20Flyer
28 Aug-1 Sept 2017ZFW International CampFoilLondon, UK12+Website
2-9 September 2017Valles Summer CampFoilSouth Tyrol, Italy11-20Flyer
23-26 October 2017Newham Swords October CampFoilEast London, UK12+Website
3-10 December 2017International Camp and Christmas MarathonEpeePrague, Czechia15+Website