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Philip Slater (Lisburn Gladiators) attained a career-best result this weekend, placing 12th at the Junior World Cup in Manama, Bahrain. After earning 8 Junior World Cup points yesterday, Philip is now ranked 82nd in the world.

Paul Verdon (Grosvenor FC) had one pool victory (over Ajmi IRQ) and progressed to the second round as 38th seed. He was defeated 15-6 by Abdelkader EGY in the L64.

Philip Slater earned a bye into the L32 after defeating Ahmad EGY, Al-Muwallad KSA, Al Attabi IRQ, Abdulla BRN, and Al-Jneibi UAE in the pool. He faced Al-Muwallad KSA a second time in the direct elimination, advancing to the L16 with a 15-14 victory. Slater also met Abdelkader EGY, and was edged out 13-12 by the Egyptian fencer in the L16.

Final placings (of 49 entries):

  • 12th – Philip Slater
  • 38th – Paul Verdon

Image by Philippe Leroyer, used under Creative Commons licence 2.0

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