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The Selection Subcommittee is pleased to approve all of the start-of-season requests for selection in their entirety.

If you are listed for an event incorrectly, or if any of your requested events are missing, please contact as soon as possible.

Fencers are invited to contact the Selectors at any point during the season via the above email. Please refer to the 2017-18 Selection Policy for full details on qualifying results. Please note that if four fencers are already approved to attend an event in your weapon (e.g. WE or MF), then any additional fencers approved will be required to cover the resulting referee cost.

Discretionary Selections

Four fencers did not meet the criteria directly but have been approved on the following grounds:

Level Fencer Reason Supporting results
Cadet Circuit M. McKay Commitments on alternative circuit Top-half finishes at strong events on the UK underage circuit (PSFC and Cadet Nationals.)
FIE Satellite B. Chambers Injury Did not compete internationally during 2016-17 season. Two top 75% SA finishes the previous season.
FIE World Cup A. Lee Commitments on alternative circuit Three top-75% finishes at JWC last season in lieu of satellite results
FIE World Cup K. Beattie Commitments on alternative circuit Top-75% finish at Junior Worlds last season in lieu of satellite results

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