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The all-island Intervarsity Fencing Championships took place in Coleraine this weekend, seeing ten colleges contest up to six weapons.

Final Results [PDF] with huge thanks to John Jones (DT).

Final Standings

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (V39) 
 2nd  University College Dublin (V31)
 3rd  Queen's University Belfast (V25)
4th: University College Cork (V20)
5th: NUI Galway (V16 + Boat Race)
6th: Ulster University (V9)
7th: Dublin City University (V4)
8th: Maynooth University (V4)
9th: IT Carlow (V2)
10th: Dundalk IT (V0)

In a landslide for DUFC, Trinity College Dublin reclaimed gold in Men's Sabre and Women's Épée (ceded last year to Cork and UCD respectively) to win all six weapon titles in addition to the overall prize. Second-placed UCD were eight victories adrift of the title on V31, with Queen's University defending a comfortable third with V25 to UCC's V20.

Coach Colm Flynn with the DUFC captains, showing off the "Magnificent Seven"  Image: Kayleigh McGinley

2018 sees DUFC's eleventh consecutive title and Trinity's 41st victory in the championship's 64-year history. Incredibly, only three other colleges have taken home the Frank Russell Trophy in that time: UCD, the Royal College of Surgeons, and Queen's University Belfast.

View the full list of past champions >>

The 64th Intervarsity Championships will be hosted by NUI Galway in spring 2019.

Weapon Titles

Men's Épée (9 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
Ross Byrne, Donncdha Carroll, Sam Mitchell, Albert Sanfeliu

 2nd  University College Dublin
 3rd  Queen's University Belfast

Top scorer: Sam Mitchell (DUFC)

Women's Épée (6 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
Camille Boelt Hindsgaul, Lucy Johnson, Eva Melly, Veronica Vaquero

 2nd  University College Dublin
 3rd  Queen's University Belfast

Top Scorer: Camille Hindsgaul (DUFC)

Men's Foil (7 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
Phillip Cripwell, Fearghal Donaghy, Killian Hanlon Elliot Schneier

 2nd  University College Dublin
 3rd  University College Cork

Top scorer: Phillip Cripwell (DUFC)

Women's Foil (7 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
Aine Heffernan, Leah McHugh, Crystal Percival, Ellen Thomas

 2nd  Queen's University Belfast
 3rd  University College Dublin

Top Scorer: Katie Gillespie (QUB)

Men's Sabre (9 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
Luke Dowling, Tadhg Garton, Sean Healy, Alex Reilly

 2nd  University College Cork
 3rd  University College Dublin

Top Scorer: Tadhg Garton (DUFC)

Women's Sabre (7 teams)

 1st   Trinity College Dublin (DUFC) 
© Manon Nouvian, Imogen McGuckin, Bethany Rush, Anna Zink

 2nd  University College Dublin
 3rd  NUI Galway

Top Scorer: Manon Nouvian (DUFC)

The university season will conclude on 24 March with the close of the Student Individual Championships in Maynooth.

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