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All four of Team Ireland’s U20 athletes were in action today at the Junior Worlds in Plovdiv, as individual events in Men’s Épée and Women’s Foil got underway.


Philip Slater (Lisburn Gladiators) scored victories over Linnemann DEN and Andrasfi HUN, with 5-4 losses to Lachiani ISR and Zhu CHN, but was the second fencer to miss the cut and placed 140th of 193.

Conall Cromie (Royal Holloway Fencing) defeated Azeri fencer Jahangirov while Paul Verdon (Grosvenor FC / RBAI) beat Ukraine's Yevgeniy Gorbachuk, placing 173rd and 180th respectively.


Keziah Beattie (Grosvenor FC) defeated Rio Olympian Kontochristopoulou GRE and Ferjani TUN in the pool, but was the third fencer to miss the cut for tableau. She placed 83rd of 112.

Hard luck to our fencers on a hard-fought morning in Plovdiv and all the best to the Men’s Épéeists in the team event on Sunday.

Photos by Augusto Bizzi for the FIE. Top: Lachiani ISR flêches against Slater IRL during the pools; Bottom: Keziah Beattie between bouts.

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