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Ireland sent a team of three to this year’s European Championships, held in the Russian town of Sochi.

Cadet Championships [Full results]

London-based Sophia Kalimtgis (Knightsbridge FC) defeated Dzekevich BLR and Cervenkova CZE in the pool. Drawing the 7th seed in the tableau, Sophia was knocked out 15-8 by Eid Tjulin SWE.

Robbie Cockburn competed in Men's Foil, but finished the pool without victories.

  • Women's Épée:  Sophia Kalimtgis – 59th of 80
  • Men's Foil:  Robbie Cockburn – 69th of 70

Junior Championships [Full Results]

U20 foilist Anna Lee (Paris TA / Pembroke FC) concluded the pool with a single victory over Martinez-Lopez ESP, despite going to the bel touche against Budenko UKR and Macko CZE, falling below the cut for the first time this season.

  • Women's Foil:  Anna Lee – 45th of 57

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