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The Birmingham International took place over the Easter weekend. This is the first year in which the event has counted for ranking points at all three weapons, and it saw a very strong Irish turnout, yielding five L8s across the tournament and a bronze medal in Men’s Foil.

Men's Épée (91 entrants)

 5th  David Losonczi (Pembroke FC / En Garde)

24th Tom Storey (Leon Paul Épée)
28th Sam Mitchell (DUFC)

47th Duncan Salter (Brian Boru FC)

66th Dawid Kulka (Pembroke FC)
69th Sean Ryan (UCD)

Women's Épée (81 entrants)

13th Camille Boelt Hindsgaul (DUFC)

18th Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s)
26th Lucy Johnson (DUFC)

43rd Isabelle Clarke (Munster Blades)
54th Anna-Lise Mion (Brian Boru FC)

71st Emma Andrews (Plymouth FC)
74th Piroska Keresztes (Pembroke FC / En Garde)

Men’s Foil (117 entrants)

 3rd  David Alexander (Nottingham Cavaliers)
 6th  Stephen Brown (QUB)

11th James Brosnan (Warwick University)

22nd Alastair Johnston (Salle Holyrood)
24th Lachlan Sykes

35th Christopher Lennon (Salle Boston)

74th JG Couper (Salle Dublin)
82nd Philip Lee (Pembroke FC)
92nd Patrick Dempsey (Saxon)
97th Conor Nagle (Munster Blades)
113th Sean Patmore (DUFC)

Women's Foil (67 entrants)

 5th  Victoria Duxbury (Edinburgh FC)
 6th  Anna Lee (Pembroke FC)

12th Lucy Taylor (Edinburgh FC)

21st Keziah Beattie (Grosvenor FC)

49th Crystal Rose Percival (DUFC)

Men's Sabre (38 entrants)

 7th  Tadhg Garton (DUFC)

19th Mike Jacob (Birmingham FC)
28th Colm Kelleher (DUFC)
29th Patrick Hayes (DUFC)

36th Brian Crowley (UCD)

Women's Sabre (37 entrants)

24th Manon Nouvian (DUFC)

34th Bethany Rush (DUFC)
36th Anna Zink (DUFC)

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