Below are the Irish national U20 Men’s Sabre rankings as of 16 April 2018.

JUNIORS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

CADETS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

In 2017/18, anyone born after 1 January 1998 may compete as a Junior, and anyone born after 1 January 2001 may compete as a Cadet.
Please contact Fencing Ireland if you have been listed incorrectly.

Key to Abbreviations

National Circuit series – SOI: South of Ireland Open, WOI: West of Ireland Open, IO: Irish Open, NIO: Northern Ireland Open, EOI: East of Ireland Open, Nat: National Championships

Domestic events – Int: Intermediates, NW: North West Open, DO: Derry Open, BS: Belfield Sabre, BO: Belfast Open

Junior World Cup – Dou: Dourdan

1Federico Albertini (ITA)Salle Dublin101003600037002800
2Kieran Dowse (GBR)MX Fencing560000000056000
3Tim DalyBoyne Valley46000101003170900
4Christian HegartyMagee FC2700000100017000
5Daithi HarkinMagee FC2500000100000015
6Nathan Boles (GBR)NUI Galway2301000100300000
7Jakub Staniewski (POL)Munster Blades151000000000500
8Nathan Soch (USA)NUI Galway130000100300000
9Alex LeechBoyne Valley100000010000000
9Connor ScanlanIT Carlow10000000005500
9Thomas Rainsford RyanIT Carlow10000000005500
9Luke DightMunster Blades100000010000000
13Lochlann Cahill-EnrightBoyne Valley5000000000500
14Sean MayeBoyne Valley3000000300000
14Ross DooleyBoyne Valley3000000300000
14Thomas McKeownBoyne Valley3000000300000
17Frantz AimeCHC Escrime0000000000000