Below are the Irish national U20 Men’s Foil rankings as of 7th December 2018.


JUNIORS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre
CADETS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

In 2018/19, anyone born after 1 January 1999 may compete as a Junior, and anyone born after 1 January 2002 may compete as a Cadet.
Please contact Fencing Ireland if you have been listed incorrectly.

Key to Abbreviations
National Circuit series – SOI: South of Ireland Open, WOI: West of Ireland Open, IO: Irish Open, NIO: Northern Ireland Open, EOI: East of Ireland Open, Nat: National Championships

Domestic events – Int: Intermediates, NW: North West Open, DO: Derry Open, BO: Belfast Open

Satellites and nominated GB events – Bir: Birmingham Open

Junior World Cup – Lo: London, Ma – Manchester (Sep 2018), Th – Thessaloniki (Oct 2018), Bu – Budapest Nov 2018

1Claudio Sosa Smatrala2685959360361937090004110000
2Jake McGillion-Moore23300870870000000059000
3Finn McMullan2221900598719001700001919010
4Michael Thompson21936036595910009000000190
5Daniel Sigurdsson (GBR)15100873600002800000000
6Rowan Luney145190191959190050000100010
7Jonathan Herz1211059190010605000170000
8Jonathan Connery118001936036180900000000
9Matthew McKay860019190000900001901010
10James Wyatt851901901910180000000000
11James Moriarty-Smyth73001901910600000910000
12Matteo Sanvito380000000000002810000
13Joshua Ryan351019000060000000000
14Cillian Lynch3110000010110000000000
15Oisin O'Reilly17000000000000170000
16Alexander Lee900000000000090000