Below are the Irish national U20 Men’s Épée rankings on 1 August 2017.

JUNIORS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

CADETS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

In 2017/18, anyone born after 1 January 1998 may compete as a Junior, and anyone born after 1 January 2001 may compete as a Cadet.
Please contact Fencing Ireland if you have been listed incorrectly.

Key to Abbreviations

National Circuit series – SOI: South of Ireland Open, WOI: West of Ireland Open, IO: Irish Open, NIO: Northern Ireland Open, EOI: East of Ireland Open, JN: Junior National Championships

Domestic events – LK: Lord Killanin Trophy, Int: Intermediates, NW: North West Open, DO: Derry Open, WB: Winter Blade, Ex: Excalibur Cup, Nat: senior National Championships, BO: Belfast Open

Junior World Cup – Lux: Luxembourg, Bh: Bahrain, Ri: Riga, Es: Espoo

1Philip Slater27287-1559----2828-95915522852
2Joffrey Martelly270-15215-59-1127-1711------
3Antoine O'Kelly2095919155936--11---1719----
4Paul Verdon18019-15191987--175-171915151515
5Conall Cromie162---119---------28-15-
6Joseph Carnec1553619--3636618----10----
7Kirk Sutherland123-1915--593---11--15-15-
8Michael Thompson1171936151019-31199-1710----
9William Girvin (GBR)97-191519---27175-910----
10Tim O'Brien55--15-19--11--6-10----
11Tim Andrews3636----------------
12Robbie Savage31-----19-6--6------
13Kieran Hayter29-19--10------------
14Josh Donaghy28----1010-3---5-----
15Finn Heaslip22-----19-3---------
16Cathal Kelly20-10--10------------
17Mark Collins19----19------------
17Paddy Erskine19----19------------
17Andrei Barcovschi19-19---------------
17Sean McNamara19-----19-----------
21Arran Hope15--------------15--
21Oliver Hope15--------------15--
23Dylan Cannyghin10----10------------
23Callum Baldrick10----10------------
23Anthony Marinos10----10------------
23Sean McNamara10----10------------
23Mike Healy10----10------------
23Darragh Cosgrove10-10---------------
23Jehdil Benz Dizon (PHI)10-10---------------
23Zachary O'Connor10-10---------------
23Ben Pantrey10-10---------------
23Alastair McIlwee10------------10----
23Niall Gibbons10-----10-----------
34Jack Sargent6-------6---------
34Simon Barrett6----------6------
34William O’Keeffe6----------6------
37Jack Savage3-------3---------
37Cathal Kelly3----------3------
37Zachary O'Connor3----------3------
37Sam Dight3----------3------

Please note that due to unforeseen issues, the 2016 Dublin Épée has been omitted.