Below are the Irish national U20 Men’s Épée rankings on 16 October 2017.

JUNIORS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

CADETS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

In 2017/18, anyone born after 1 January 1998 may compete as a Junior, and anyone born after 1 January 2001 may compete as a Cadet.
Please contact Fencing Ireland if you have been listed incorrectly.

Key to Abbreviations

National Circuit series – SOI: South of Ireland Open, WOI: West of Ireland Open, IO: Irish Open, NIO: Northern Ireland Open, EOI: East of Ireland Open, JN: Junior National Championships

Domestic events – LK: Lord Killanin Trophy, Int: Intermediates, NW: North West Open, DO: Derry Open, WB: Winter Blade, Ex: Excalibur Cup, Nat: senior National Championships, BO: Belfast Open

Junior World Cup – Lux: Luxembourg, Bh: Bahrain, Ri: Riga, Es: Espoo

1Joffrey Martelly282015215059000017112828000
2Antoine O'Kelly18636191559360000009171900
3Paul Verdon176001519198700175009191515
4Joseph Carnec129191900363603000901000
5Conall Cromie119000119000000000000
6Michael Thompson11619361510190009901751000
7Kirk Sutherland10401915005900001100000
8William Girvin (GBR)810191519000111750991000
9Tim O'Brien5500150190011006501000
10Cathal Kelly441910001000000050000
11Robbie Savage3400000190000690000
12Sean McNamara2800000190000090000
13Zachary O'Connor2001000000000055000
14Finn Heaslip1900000190000000000
14Andrei Barcovschi1901900000000000000
16Alastair McIlwee1000000000000001000
16Niall Gibbons1000000100000000000
16Jehdil Benz Dizon (PHI)1001000000000000000
16Darragh Cosgrove1001000000000000000
16Dylan Cannyghin1000001000000000000
16Sean McNamara1000001000000000000
22Radu Anastase (ROU)60000000600000000
22Simon Barrett60000000000600000
22William O’Keeffe60000000000600000
25Michal Wolas (POL)30000000300000000
25Cathal Kelly30000000000300000
25Zachary O'Connor30000000000300000
25Sam Dight30000000000300000

Please note that due to unforeseen issues, the 2016 Dublin Épée has been omitted.