Below are the Irish national U17 Women’s Foil rankings as of 1 August 2017.

JUNIORS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

CADETS || Men’s ÉpéeWomen’s ÉpéeMen’s FoilWomen’s FoilMen’s SabreWomen’s Sabre

In 2017/18, anyone born after 1 January 1998 may compete as a Junior, and anyone born after 1 January 2001 may compete as a Cadet.
Please contact Fencing Ireland if you have been listed incorrectly.

Key to Abbreviations

National Circuit series – SOI: South of Ireland Open, WOI: West of Ireland Open, IO: Irish Open, NIO: Northern Ireland Open, EOI: East of Ireland Open, JN: Junior National Championships

Domestic events – LK: Lord Killanin Trophy, Int: Intermediates, NW: North West Open, DO: Derry Open, Nat: senior National Championships, BO: Belfast Open

European Cadet Circuit – Man: Manchester, Poz: Poznan


1Emilia VelmaPembroke173--19363619521111-----52-
2Sarah ShawHunterhouse126-591019191099669995--
3Charlotte SlaterLisburn Gladiators9519---59-17-----17---
5Catherine McConveyFence Like an Olympian19---19------------
4Genevieve ClarkeCalifornia Fencing Academy28------28--------28
6Emily MaginnSullivan9------9------9--
6Ella ReidSullivan9------9------9--
8Beth TaylorLisburn Gladiators5------5-----5---
9Isabelle ClarkeMunster Blades3------3-3-------