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Anna Lee and Keziah Beattie contested the Challenge Masuranic in Zagreb on 27 January.

Anna Lee was V2D4, winning against Csefalvayova SVK and Calazans BRA. She drew 4th seed Lacheray FRA and was knocked out. Keziah Beattie went V1D5 in the pools, with a victory over Penavic CRO.

  • Anna Lee (Paris TA / Pembroke FC) – 102 / 152
  • Keziah Beattie (Grosvenor FC) – 128 / 152

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Well done to the winners of the 2018 Excalibur Cup.

U17 Mixed Épée: Finn Heaslip (Brian Boru FC)
U14 Mixed Foil: Luke Sherlock (Pembroke FC)

U17 Mixed Foil: Claudio Sosa Smatrala (Pembroke FC)
U14 Mixed Foil: Claudio Sosa Smatrala (Pembroke FC)
U12 Mixed Foil: Simon O’Kelly (Pembroke FC)
U10 Mixed Foil: Myles Moriarty-Smyth (Pembroke FC)
U8 Mixed Foil: Tommy Fitzpatrick (Pembroke FC)

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Congratulations to the winners of Round 3 of the NI Junior Foil Series.

U16 Boys: Finn McMullan (Fence Like an Olympian)
U16 Girls: Catherine McConvey (Fence Like an Olympian)

U14 Boys: Claudio Sosa Smatrala (Pembroke FC)
U14 Girls: Dasha Lee (Pembroke FC)

U12 Boys: Eoghan Ó hAnluain-Fay (Pembroke FC)
U12 Girls: Megan Xu-Ran Piao (Pembroke FC)

U10 Mixed: Myles Moriarty-Smyth (Pembroke FC)

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Fencing Ireland will host international foil and épée fencers for a pre-Nationals training camp in Dublin over 15-16 April. The cost to attendees will be €50, payable in advance during online registration.

Sabre Camp
Fencing Ireland is urgently seeking expressions of interest from sabreurs to assess the viability of a sabre section at the camp. Volunteers – in particular those with contacts in national sabre programmes overseas – are also sought to assist with the organising of the sabre component. Please contact if interested.

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James Brosnan made it to the preliminary 256, winning pool bouts against Rosatelli ITA and Jessop AUS. Drawing Braun GER, Brosnan kept the match level up to 7-7, but the German was able to find another gear in the second half of the match, claiming the L128 spot with eight unanswered touches.

Stephen Brown missed out on the tableau by a whisker, despite victories over Murillo Diaz COL and Chan SGP. Brendan Cusack suffered three frustrating 5-4 defeats by Lucchetti ARG, Kongstan DEN and Essam EGY, with his sole win(against Mohammad FIE) not enough to see him past the cut. Lachlan Sykes, fencing his first senior World Cup, went without victories.

Final standings:
James Brosnan (Warwick University) – 181st of 253
Stephen Brown (Queen’s University Belfast / Grosvenor FC) – 192nd of 253
Brendan Cusack – 206/253
Lachlan Sykes (Salle Boston) – 253/253

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Congratulations to the young fencers who have been offered a place on the Ireland team for the 2018 European Championships.

This year’s European Championships will take place from 1-11 March in Sochi, Russia. Fencers who achieve a qualifying result between January 14th and the Championships will also be offered a place, subject to availability in their weapon.

Cadets (U17)

  • Women’s Épée: Sophia Kalimtgis, Charlotte Slater
  • Men’s Foil: Robbie Cockburn, Matthew McKay
  • Women’s Foil: Genevieve Clarke, Emilia Velma

Juniors (U20)

  • Women’s Épée: Sophia Kalimtgis*, Charlotte Slater*
  • Men’s Foil: Robbie Cockburn*, Matthew McKay*
  • Women’s Foil: Anna Lee, Finnula Mageras, Keziah Beattie*, Genevieve Clarke*
    Reserve: Emilia Velma*
  • Men’s Sabre: Frantz Aime
  • Women’s Sabre: Beth Taylor

* indicates selection based on cadet or senior rather than U20 results.

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Pool wins over Vuorinen FIN, Descamps BEL, Hansson SWE, Hull GBR and Steenland NOR saw Rachel Conner through to the tableau. A L64 victory against Alkloub JOR set up a draw against Hannah Nesbitt GBR. Conner went out 15-10, with Nesbitt going on to take silver.

Lucy Johnson defeated Hansson SWE, Terho FIN and Sjurseth SWE across the day, but did not make it to the DEs.

  • Rachel Conner (Laszlo's) – 26th of 66
  • Lucy Johnson (Leon Paul Épée) – 54th of 66
  • Camille Hindsgaul DEN (DUFC) – 60th of 66

Team Estonia was conspicuously absent from the women's satellite this year. Cypriot Irina Mavrikiou took the title 15-11 against GBR's Hannah Nesbitt.

Across two rounds of pools, Dawid Kulka defeated Nyberg SWE, Westman SWE, Suvorov USA, Larsson SWE, Jarl SWE to reach the tableau. He was knocked out 15-11 by Mattsson SWE in the L128.

  • Dawid Kulka (Pembroke FC) – 75th of 107
  • Achilleas Floudas GRE (DUFC) – 78th of 107

Both of last year's bronze medallists made it to the 2018 men's final. Swedish junior Bartolomiej Mancewicz won his first senior title, defeating Grigori Beskin ISR, becoming one of five Swedes earning a World Cup point on home turf.

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A difficult round for Ireland's sabreurs saw all three cut after the pools. Colm Kelleher's victory over Genov BUL was the only win for the Irish team in the individual event.

  • Colm Kelleher (DUFC): 81st of 95
  • Tadhg Garton (DUFC): 88th of 95
  • Brian Crowley (UCD / Salle Dublin): 92nd of 95
  • Team Ireland: 14th of 14

Reigning world champion Andras Szatmari HUN defeated world #19 Csanad Gemesi HUN in a 15-13 final.

Ireland began the team event as one of the lowest seeds, with tricky draws against MTK Hungary (D45-13) and then Australia (D45-18).

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Victoria Duxbury secured victories over Vallero-Collantes SWE and Hajas HUN in the pool, but a place in the tableau eluded her by a single touch as Duxbury proved the second fencer to miss the cut.

  • Victoria Duxbury (Edinburgh FC) – 147th of 183

There were medals for Russia, USA, Italy and Germany as half of the top 20 fell to upsets in the L64 and L32.  Inna Deriglazova RUS was masterful in the final, defeating world #4 Lee Kiefer (USA) 15-4.

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A record-breaking 800 cadets fenced at the Circuit event in Bratislava over the weekend, including two cadet épéeists. Sophia Kalimtgis' lone victory over Su CAN only did not see her through to the DEs, with both Sophia and Isabelle Clarke eliminated after the pools.

  • Sophia Kalimtgis (Knightsbridge FC) – 207th of 241
  • Isabelle Clarke (Munster Blades / Brian Boru FC) – 230th of 241

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Junior foilist Anna Lee placed in her third L64 of the season on Saturday at the Alpe Adria JWC in Italy.

Beating Martinez Lopez ESP, Salmas AUS, Semenova RUS, and Conti ITA in the pool, Lee earned a bye into the L64. She was knocked out by Kondricz HUN 15-8.

In Sunday’s Mens Foil event, Michael Thompson defeated Dallasen AUS and Crismer BEL in the pool, but sadly fell short of the cut to 119.

  • Anna Lee (Pembroke FC / Paris TA): 43rd of 133
  • Michael Thompson (RBAI / Lisburn Gladiators): 131st of 167

World U20 #1 Serena Rossini solidified her hold on the top spot with gold on home soil. Rossini took the title 15-10 against rising Italian star Marta Ricci.

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Frantz Aime defeated Rasulov USB and Tkachev RUS in the pool at the Coupe Heracles JWC in Budapest, but was unfortunately the fifth fencer to miss the cut.

  • Frantz Aime (CHC Chatelaine): 133rd of 175

Matteo Neri ITA held on to the title for a second year, and earned his second JWC gold of season against world #8 Elliot Bibi FRA.

Image: Moyan Brenn, used under CC 2.0

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Close to 50 épéeists braved the cold on Sunday morning for the fourth annual Winter Blade at Dublin City University, run for the first time as a Tier B competition.

Yves Carnec (Pembroke FC) and Inga Gorceva (Brian Boru FC) were this year’s winners.

Full results:

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Congratulations to Stephen Concannon (Salle Dublin) and Manon Nouvian (DUFC) who have become the first winners of the Belfield Sabre. The event was created and hosted by UCD with DT by John Jones, and is one of just two sabre-only competitions currently on the calendar (the other being the Vinnie Duffy Sabre at DKIT.)

38 sabreurs attended the event, with both Irish #1s earning gold.

Full results: