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On June 24th our student fencers took to the piste for the student edition of the Four Nations. With no NI team fielded, this year’s Ireland squad was an all-island effort.

Despite the last-minute withdrawal of our Women’s Épée squad, which left Ireland the only nation in the tournament not contesting all six events, Team Ireland placed second overall on wins and indicators, including undefeated gold in both foil events.

Overall Standings

 1st   England
 2nd   Ireland
 3rd   Scotland

 4th   Wales

Weapon Results

Men's Foil
 1st  Ireland
 2nd  England
 3rd  Scotland
 4th  Wales

Women's Foil
 1st  Ireland
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  England
 4th  Wales

Men's Epee
 1st  England
 2nd  Ireland
 3rd  Scotland
 4th  Wales

Women's Epee
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Wales

Men's Sabre
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Wales
 4th  Ireland

Women's Sabre
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Ireland
 4th  Wales

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The 2017 AGM took place in Dublin 2 yesterday (Sunday 18 June.)


The following individuals were elected to the committee for 2017-18.

Hon. Chair: Philip Lee
Hon. Treasurer: Julian Smith
Hon. Secretary: Nuala McGarrity

Committee Members:
Laura Donaghy, Des Gilhooly, Scott O’Malley, Michael Ryan, Duncan Salter, Jamie Simpson


All reports were adopted by the membership. The following amendments to the Articles were passed:

  1. Add the following sentence to Article 17.2:
    “This provision shall only take effect in respect of years subsequent to 2016 meaning that a Director who was elected prior to 2016 at an AGM shall not have those years counted in respect of the above provision."
  2. Add the following sentence to Clause 16.1
    “However, the Board shall be entitled to co-opt up to three Directors in addition to the statutory ten by way of a majority vote of the Board.”

Other Business

  • Committee: Nuala McGarrity signalled her intention to step down as Hon. Secretary by the end of December, and to oversee an orderly handover of her role in the meantime.
  • Development: All-weapon training weekend to be held 19/20 August at Loreto Abbey Dalkey. Foil section already organised, epee and sabre to be arranged.
  • Coaching: Level 2 course envisaged to be run between September and Christmas, and new Level 1 course to be run in early 2018.
  • Strategy: Discussion of introducing young foilists to a second weapon earlier to maintain their interest.
  • Competition: Look at format of some competitions in order to give more fencing, especially for women who feel they get poorer value in entry fees with small numbers.
  • Students: Meeting of college Club Captains with Board to be held before September, examining graduate retention and training camps for students.

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Two of our fencers were in Tbilisi, Georgia this week to fence at the European Championships.

Men's Foil

After a pool victory over Revah ISR and a bel-touch loss to Galuashvili GEO, Brendan Cusack placed 61st of 77 at the European Championships in Tbilisi.

Men's Épée

Fencing in his debut international season and presently ranked 360th, Michael Geraghty registered a victory over Szilagyi ROU but missed the cut for the tableau, placing 86th of 96.

Both fencers will also compete at the World Championships next month, which will be held this year in Leipzig (Germany). See the event website for full details.

Wednesday 19 July: Men’s Epee qualifiers – Michael Geraghty
Thursday 20 July: Men’s Foil qualifiers – Brendan Cusack
Saturday 22 July: Men’s Epee finals
Sunday 23 July: Men’s Foil finals

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Huge congratulations to Fencing Ireland’s Nuala McGarrity, who has been re-elected to the executive committee of the European Fencing Confederation.

EFC Committee 2017-18

Secretary-General – Jacek Slupski POL
Vice President – David Sakhvadze GEO
Treasurer – Nuala McGarrity IRL

Gabor Boczko HUN
Anna Ferraro ITA
Nikolay Mateev ISL
Metaxia Smaili GRE
Ana Valero-Collantes SWE
Etienne Van Cann NED

Commission Chairs:
Marketing Commission – Ana Valero-Collantes SWE
Competition Commission – Nikolay Mateev ISL
Medical Commission – Nuala McGarrity IRL
SEMI & Legal Commission – Etienne Van Cann NED

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The IOC has announced that from Tokyo 2020 onwards, the number of Olympic fencing events will increase from 10 to 12. This means that for the first time, individual and team events can be contested at all six weapons in the same Olympic Games.

Full information letter from FIE >>


1996: Women’s Épée (individual and team) added to Olympic programme for Atlanta. Fencing medals increased from 8 to 10.
2004: Women’s Sabre added to Athens Olympic programme. No increase in fencing medals, so Games offer all individual events but just four team events.
2020: Tokyo Olympiad runs individual and team events at all six weapons.

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Fencers over the age of 40 are invited to take part in the 2017 Celtic Challenge, which will be held in Cardiff on 29-30 July.

This event has been moved forward from 2018 to take it out of sync with the European Team Championships and the Veteran Commonwealths.

Full details:

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Emilia Velma and Claudio Sosa competed in U15 and U13 foil respectively at the tenth European Fencing Festival in Poznan, Poland. Well done to both Pembroke fencers on a strong set of results.

Claudio fenced V8D2 in the pools, then knocked out Taore FRA 12-8 and Nowak POL 12-3 to reach the L16. He was knocked out by top seed Anane FRA, placing 15th of 81.

Emilia was V6D5 in the pools and knocked out Brec POL 15-8 in the L64. She was defeated by Lachman POL, who went on to take bronze. Emilia placed 26th of 57.

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Ireland was among 18 nations represented this weekend at the Malmö International Épée in southern Sweden. There was success for Pembroke FC as Duncan Salter and Paddy Brennan placed inside the L64 (45th and 62nd respectively.) Also competing in the field of 146 were:

Jamie Simpson (Imperial College – 74th)
Alastair Houldsworth (Belfast FC – 81st)
Dawid Kulka (Pembroke FC – 85th)
Scott O’Malley (Brian Boru FC – 95th)
Achilleas Floudas (DUFC – 131st)
Gerard Boyle (Belfast FC – 137th)
DUFC’s Camille Hindsgaul placed 46th of 64 in Women’s Épée. There was good news for expat coach Benedict Chambers (FFF Stockholm) who saw Sweden’s Sophie Haarlem into the final.

Veteran events also took place on Saturday, with Duncan Salter placing 5th of 21 in Category A and Gerard Boyle finishing 8th in Category C.

In Sunday’s team competition, Pembroke FC (Brennan, Kulka, Salter; pictured) overturned MF Malmo 2 45-32 to progress to the L16. They were knocked out of the main tableau 45-22 by BYF Oslo, the eventual winners.

Entering the repechage Pembroke lost 45-36 to NJF Oslo (NOR) and then to UF Uppsala 2, placing 16th overall out of 32 teams.

Mixed IRL (Houldsworth, O’Malley, Simpson) lost their first match 45-34 to DIF Stockholm while DUFC were defeated 45-18 by HFK Hellerup (DEN). The Irish teams met in the first round of repechage, which was won 45-34 by Mixed IRL. The team went on to beat KFK Kalmar (SWE) 45-40 and FGS Schaffhausen (SUI) 45-43. They lost their last match 45-34 to MF19 Malmo and finished 18th.

Following their loss to Mixed IRL, DUFC went on to defeat Foersvarsmaktens Musketoerer (SWE) 45-37, then lost narrowly to UF Uppsala 3 (SWE). They placed 28th.

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The official notice of AGM, including 2016 Accounts, Chairman’s Report and Agenda was sent to voting members (that is, those holding an Adult, Life, Student, or Supporter membership) on Friday 26th May. Members unable to attend the AGM in person will have the opportunity to vote by proxy.

Nominees for election to the Board of Directors

Chairman (1 post):  Philip Lee
Secretary (1 post):  Nuala McGarrity
Treasurer (1 post):  Julian Smith

Committee Members (7 posts):

  • Laura Donaghy
  • Des Gilhooly
  • Scott O’Malley
  • Michael Ryan
  • Duncan Salter
  • Jamie Simpson

Proposed amendments to the Articles of Association

In order to clarify provisions regarding Directors, members will be asked to consider the following propositions as Special Resolutions for addition to the Fencing Ireland Articles of Association:

  • Add the following sentence to Article 17.2
    “This provision shall only take effect in respect of years subsequent to 2016 meaning that a Director who was elected prior to 2016 at an AGM shall not have those years counted in respect of the above provision.
  • Add the following sentence to Clause 16.1
    “However, the Board shall be entitled to co-opt up to three Directors in addition to the statutory ten by way of a majority vote of the Board”

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This afternoon Michalis Kirimlidis became the third Irish fencer to earn a World Cup point at the Icelandic sabre satellite, placing 6th of 36 at the Viking Cup.

Kirimlidis earned a bye through the L32 with victories over Sumalidason ISL, Jimenez CHI, Agustsson ISL and Winiger SUI in the pool, edging a 15-14 victory over Loo SIN in the L16. He knocked out by eventual winner Lucchetti ITA in the quarter-finals.

Aidan Clarke also scored a season-best result, reaching the L16 and earning the right to contest World Cups again next season. Clarke defeated Agustsson ISL, Sigurdsson ISL, Araya CHI and De Scherer USA in the pool for a place in the tableau. He progressed against Bonfeld ISR 15-12 in the L32 to face world #170 Alvarez CHI in L16. Alvarez, who knocked out Michael Jacob in the first round, progressed 15-11 while Clarke placed 10th.

Michael Jacob and Jamie Simpson defeated Heiddal ISL and Sveinbjornsson ISL respectively, with Jacob going out 15-8 in the first DE. They placed 26th and 29th respectively.

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Fencing Ireland sent five foilists to the FIE satellite in Copenhagen over the weekend.

The pools brought wins for David Alexander over Poppel SWE, Head GBR, Berggren SWE and Huovilainen FIN. He eliminated Billing GBR 15-8 before losing to Files CRO in the L32. He placed 25th of 87.

James Brosnan defeated Bruun DEN, Charra FRA, Persson SWE, Dula CAN in the pool, going on to knock out Alderman GBR for a place in the L32. Brosnan was knocked out 15-11 by Dascalu ROU, placing 26th, while the Romanian fencer went on to take bronze.

Nationals medallist Lachlan Sykes had no pool victories and placed 81st overall.

Victories over Mullins GBR, Joergensen DEN, Engelke SWE and Townsend GBR propelled Victoria Duxbury into the L32 as 9th seed. She took on Van Der Heijden NED and was knocked out 15-11 to place 18th of 57.

Lucy Taylor beat Kwok GBR, top seed Flores CHI, and Raudaskoski FIN to seed 31st. She faced Schreiber SWE for a place in the L32, but was knocked out 15-7, finishing in 36th place.

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The European Championships for fencers over the age of 40 took place in the Italian town of Chiavari this week. Events were organised in the brackets of 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-74 and 75+. Four Irish fencers made the trip, competing in foil and épée.

In Men's Foil Evgeniy Kazantsev (Pembroke FC) defeated Barone ITA, Lavrynenko UKR, Guenet FRA, Ban HUN to earn a bye into the L64. After a convincing victory over Maibaum GER (progressing 10-2) he was knocked out 10-9 by Sirenko RUS, placing 26th of 83.

Philip Lee (Pembroke FC) seeded 7th after the pools with victories over Delacour FRA, Hamilton GBR, Belli ITA, Chubarov GER and Makay HUN. He was overturned by Medhurst GBR in the L32 to place 17th of 45.

Brian Boru FC's Anna-Lise Mion had a tough start in Women's Épée, with a single victory over Mosca ITA. She broke seed against Gursel TUR to progress to the L64, where she met top seed and eventual finalist Haarlem SWE. Anna-Lise was knocked out 10-5 and placed 59th of 85.

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The provisional panel for 5 Nations 2017 was named over the weekend. The final squad will be posted on our Selection Decisions page once confirmed. Reserves will also be notified at this time.

Men's Épée

Paddy Brennan
Tom O'Brien
Geoffrey Corcoran
Antoine O'Kelly

Reserve list: Dawid Kulka, Jamie Simpson, Sean Ryan, Ido Ajzenstadt

Women's Épée

Lucy Johnson
Anna-Lise Mion
Kate Coleman
Sorcha Mellon-Whelan

Reserve list: Virginie Gautier, Isabelle Clarke, Alisha Mullen, Sive Brassil

Men's Foil

Conor Nagle
Phillip Cripwell
Philip Lee
James Brosnan

Reserve list: Rory Hayes, Killian Hanlon, Lachlan Sykes, Sean Patmore

Women's Foil

Anna Lee
Fiadhnait McDonough
Crystal Percival
Emilia Velma

Reserve list: Genevieve Clarke, Leah McHugh, Leona Cashman, May Fast

Men's Sabre

Stephen Concannon
Michalis Kirimlidis
Tadhg Garton
Chris Mooney

Reserve list: Aidan Clarke, Fionn Flynn, John McHugh, Hugh Tobin

Women's Sabre

Gerda Ziemele
Imogen McGuckin
Erin Barclay
Emily Nolan

Reserve list: Una DeBhuinn, Samhain Nic Mhaghnusa, Niamh Keogh, Lilias Healy