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There were eleven Irish fencers in action on day 2 of the Celtic Challenge. The day yielded a second medal for Duncan Salter, who conceded his 2016 épée title to Keith Barnett of Cornwall in an 8-5 final. Anna-Lise Mion also added to the Irish medal tally with bronze in Women’s Épée.

Men’s Épée (36 entrants)

2nd Duncan Salter
7th Stephan Munn
20th Paul Donnelly
22nd Michael Ryan
28th Pat Lynch
30th Jeffrey Millar-Wilson

Women’s Épée (24 entrants)

3rd Anna-Lise Mion
9th Virginie Gautier
10th Mary Fahy-Deshe
16th Marie McGinnity
20th Caroline Clancy

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Our foilists and sabreurs have got the Celtic Challenge off to a great start in Wales today, with Pembroke FC’s Philip Lee and Duncan Salter earning silver and bronze for Ireland in Men’s Foil.

Men’s Foil (25 entrants)

2nd Philip Lee
3rd Duncan Salter
6th Gerry Brosnan

Women’s Foil (21 entrants)

7th Kate Harris
10th Anna Lise Mion
15th Virginie Gautier
18th Caroline Clancy
19th Kathrin Chambers

Women’s Sabre (18 entrants)

7th Caroline Clancy

Tomorrow the following fencers will contest the Men’s and Women’s Épée, including Caroline Clancy who is in contention for the Master-at-Arms trophy.

Men’s Epee: Paul Donnelly, Patrick Lynch, Jeffrey Millar-Wilson, Stephan Munn, Michael Ryan, Duncan Salter
Women’s Epee: Caroline Clancy, Mary Fahy-Deshe, Marie McGinnity, Anna-Lise Mion

Full results and tomorrow’s live stream can be found here.

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Fencing Ireland has published its Selection Policy for the 2017-18 season.

Fencers intending to compete in FIE and EFC events are advised to contact the selectors (via to outline their international competitions for the season. Training plans and non-FIE/EFC competitions are not required.

The deadline for these submissions is 17:00 on Monday 14 August. Fencers will be able to request entry to events throughout the season wherever places remain. Check out the International Calendar for a full list of senior events.


 20 Jul-14 Aug  Submission period for competition programme
 14 Aug-18 Aug  Programmes finalised and fencers notified
16 Sep-3 June 'Late' applications considered on rolling basis

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Three Irish foilists took part in the World Championships in Leipzig today.

Despite entering his pool as bottom seed, Conor Nagle (Munster Blades) took victories over Rizell SWE, Menkuer TUR and McGregor RSA. He went through to the tableau V3D3, losing 15-9 to Mayakan THA.

Brendan Cusack finished the pool V2D3 and also made the cut. He was knocked out 15-13 by Matoel ISR in the preliminary 128.

With a victory over Nita ROU, David Alexander (Nottingham Cavaliers) went out V1D5.

Final placings (of 158)

100th – Conor Nagle
111th – Brendan Cusack
136th – David Alexander

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Aidan Clarke (Salle Dublin) and Michalis Kirimlidis (Salle Dublin) fenced at this year’s Worlds after two stellar performances at the Viking Cup in Reykjavik.

However, there were no DEs for Ireland’s sabreurs this year: Kirimlidis registered a 5-2 victory over Fernando SRI in the pool, placing 113th overall, while Clarke finished in 126th place.

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Pembroke FC’s Ido Ajzenstadt became the first fencer in 24 years to represent Ireland at the Maccabiah Games, and took a superb bronze in Men’s Épée. Staging comebacks in both the L16 and the L8, he was finally knocked out 15-9 by eventual winner (and world #78) Beskin ISR. Congratulations also on placing 15th in the foil!

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Best of luck to Ido Ajzenstadt (Pembroke FC) who will be Ireland’s first fencer at the Maccabiah Games in recent years. The 2017 Games – the 20th edition of this quadrennial event – is currently underway in Haifa, Israel. Men’s Épée will take place on 10 July.

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Five young fencers took part in the CEP Marathon in Paris this weekend, all hailing from Pembroke FC.


With two pool victories, Dasha Lee finished in 26th place among 37 girls. 68 competed in the event for boys, with James Moriarty-Smyth placing 55th.


Jessica Magee defeated Marchaudon FRA, Rafin FRA and placed 23rd of 34.


Leon Gautier-Loftus and Myles Moriarty-Smyth were among 68 boys to fence through four rounds of pools, finishing 36th and 38th respectively.

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On June 24th our student fencers took to the piste for the student edition of the Four Nations. With no NI team fielded, this year’s Ireland squad was an all-island effort.

Despite the last-minute withdrawal of our Women’s Épée squad, which left Ireland the only nation in the tournament not contesting all six events, Team Ireland placed second overall on wins and indicators, including undefeated gold in both foil events.

Overall Standings

 1st   England
 2nd   Ireland
 3rd   Scotland

 4th   Wales

Weapon Results

Men's Foil
 1st  Ireland
 2nd  England
 3rd  Scotland
 4th  Wales

Women's Foil
 1st  Ireland
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  England
 4th  Wales

Men's Epee
 1st  England
 2nd  Ireland
 3rd  Scotland
 4th  Wales

Women's Epee
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Wales

Men's Sabre
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Wales
 4th  Ireland

Women's Sabre
 1st  England
 2nd  Scotland
 3rd  Ireland
 4th  Wales

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The 2017 AGM took place in Dublin 2 yesterday (Sunday 18 June.)


The following individuals were elected to the committee for 2017-18.

Hon. Chair: Philip Lee
Hon. Treasurer: Julian Smith
Hon. Secretary: Nuala McGarrity

Committee Members:
Laura Donaghy, Des Gilhooly, Scott O’Malley, Michael Ryan, Duncan Salter, Jamie Simpson


All reports were adopted by the membership. The following amendments to the Articles were passed:

  1. Add the following sentence to Article 17.2:
    “This provision shall only take effect in respect of years subsequent to 2016 meaning that a Director who was elected prior to 2016 at an AGM shall not have those years counted in respect of the above provision."
  2. Add the following sentence to Clause 16.1
    “However, the Board shall be entitled to co-opt up to three Directors in addition to the statutory ten by way of a majority vote of the Board.”

Other Business

  • Committee: Nuala McGarrity signalled her intention to step down as Hon. Secretary by the end of December, and to oversee an orderly handover of her role in the meantime.
  • Development: All-weapon training weekend to be held 19/20 August at Loreto Abbey Dalkey. Foil section already organised, epee and sabre to be arranged.
  • Coaching: Level 2 course envisaged to be run between September and Christmas, and new Level 1 course to be run in early 2018.
  • Strategy: Discussion of introducing young foilists to a second weapon earlier to maintain their interest.
  • Competition: Look at format of some competitions in order to give more fencing, especially for women who feel they get poorer value in entry fees with small numbers.
  • Students: Meeting of college Club Captains with Board to be held before September, examining graduate retention and training camps for students.

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Two of our fencers were in Tbilisi, Georgia this week to fence at the European Championships.

Men's Foil

After a pool victory over Revah ISR and a bel-touch loss to Galuashvili GEO, Brendan Cusack placed 61st of 77 at the European Championships in Tbilisi.

Men's Épée

Fencing in his debut international season and presently ranked 360th, Michael Geraghty registered a victory over Szilagyi ROU but missed the cut for the tableau, placing 86th of 96.

Both fencers will also compete at the World Championships next month, which will be held this year in Leipzig (Germany). See the event website for full details.

Wednesday 19 July: Men’s Epee qualifiers – Michael Geraghty
Thursday 20 July: Men’s Foil qualifiers – Brendan Cusack
Saturday 22 July: Men’s Epee finals
Sunday 23 July: Men’s Foil finals

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Huge congratulations to Fencing Ireland’s Nuala McGarrity, who has been re-elected to the executive committee of the European Fencing Confederation.

EFC Committee 2017-18

Secretary-General – Jacek Slupski POL
Vice President – David Sakhvadze GEO
Treasurer – Nuala McGarrity IRL

Gabor Boczko HUN
Anna Ferraro ITA
Nikolay Mateev ISL
Metaxia Smaili GRE
Ana Valero-Collantes SWE
Etienne Van Cann NED

Commission Chairs:
Marketing Commission – Ana Valero-Collantes SWE
Competition Commission – Nikolay Mateev ISL
Medical Commission – Nuala McGarrity IRL
SEMI & Legal Commission – Etienne Van Cann NED

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The IOC has announced that from Tokyo 2020 onwards, the number of Olympic fencing events will increase from 10 to 12. This means that for the first time, individual and team events can be contested at all six weapons in the same Olympic Games.

Full information letter from FIE >>


1996: Women’s Épée (individual and team) added to Olympic programme for Atlanta. Fencing medals increased from 8 to 10.
2004: Women’s Sabre added to Athens Olympic programme. No increase in fencing medals, so Games offer all individual events but just four team events.
2020: Tokyo Olympiad runs individual and team events at all six weapons.