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Stephen Concannon, Aidan Clarke and Michalis Kirimlidis travelled to Finland this weekend for the Helsinki sabre satellite.

At the end of the pool, Stephen Concannon was seeded 7th following comprehensive victories over Lehtonen FIN, Asplund FIN, Wrase GER, Zelikovics LAT and Lundqvist SWE. He faced Winiger SUI in the L16 and was knocked out 15-14, finishing 9th.

Aidan Clarke beat Wagner SWE and Rydenfelt FIN, completing his pool V2D4. He faced Bringstrup DEN in the L32 but was overturned 15-10, placing 17th.

Michalis Kirimlidis made his satellite debut today, defeating Bringstrup DEN to finish V1D5. Unfortunately, this was not enough to see Kirimlidis through the first-round cut and he placed 20th overall.

Image credit: Petteri Sulonen

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