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We had three U20 internationals at the Eden Cup JWC in London today.

Anna Lee (Pembroke FC) had pool victories over Hill GBR and Jeglinska POL, seeding 58th. She was knocked out by Junior #8 Recher FRA.

Keziah Beattie (Grosvenor FC) defeated Ricci ITA and Babaeva GBR in the pool, but mhe missed the cut by two places and placed 68th of 87.

Earlier in the day, Michael Thompson (Lisburn Gladiators) defeated Freres BEL in the pool and placed 160th in a field of 173.

Kirill Borodachev RUS, the reigning Junior World Champion, defeated his compatriot Grigoriy Semenyuk for the men’s title, while world #2 Serena Rossini conceded the women’s final to fellow Italian international Martina Favaretto.

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