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Fencing Ireland returned to Dalkey on Saturday 30 April for the first-ever standalone Junior Nationals, incorporating the national championships for U20s, U17s and U14s at all three weapons. Full results are available here.

We received a fantastic 117 entries from 80 individual participants and were delighted to see such a strong turnout from clubs all over the country. Thank you to organiser Olga Velma, DT Des Gilhooly, the referees and volunteers, and particularly to the parents and fencers who brought immense goodwill to the event even when teething problems arose.

Most of all, congratulations to our new National Champions!


Junior Men: Paul Verdon (Grosvenor FC / RBAI)
Junior Women: Kerrie Johnson (Pentathlon Ireland)

Cadet Men: Paul Verdon (Grosvenor FC / RBAI)
Cadet Women: Eve Megaw (Lisburn Gladiators)

Minor Men: Dario Regazzi (Ravenwood FC)
Minor Women: Isobel Radford-Dodd (Pentathlon Ireland)


Junior Men: Nicholas Weafer (Pembroke FC)
Junior Women: Kiara Wigzell (Pembroke FC)

Cadet Men: Paul Verdon (Grosvenor FC / RBAI)
Cadet Women: Emilia Velma (Pembroke FC)

Minor Men: Harry Dight (Munster Blades)
Minor Women: Emilia Velma (Pembroke FC)


Junior Men: Frantz Aime (CHC Escrime)
Junior Women: Imogen McGuickin (DUFC)

Cadet Men: Frantz Aime (CHC Escrime)

Full results can be found on the Fencing Time stream, with a write-up to follow in today’s newsletter.

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