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For an 11th year, Fencing Ireland will play host to an FIE satellite in Men’s Épée. The 2017 edition takes place on Saturday 11 November during the Irish Open.

As an FIE Satellite, this event attracts World Cup points counting towards the FIE world rankings. Fencers who take part are representing their country of nationality (rather than a club or college) and their entries are submitted to the FIE by their national governing bodies. It is not possible to enter the satellite by contacting the organisers directly.

  • Take out an FIE licence with their national fencing federation. A passport scan will be required (e.g. as the national governing body for Ireland, Fencing Ireland can only issue FIE licences to fencers holding an Irish passport.)
  • Contact their national governing body to request entry to the Dublin FIE Satellite. Selection procedures/criteria vary by country.

Irish fencers should contact the selectors at with a completed selection form (available from the Selection Policy page) to enter.

Deadline for entries: Friday 27 October at 24:00

After Entry

As a satellite event, fencers are required to wear their national colours on their fencing uniform and use equipment which is fully compliant with the FIE rules for World Cup events.

Mandatory equipment control will be carried out at the National Indoor Arena at registration. Irish fencers are required to attend for the early registration session on Friday evening.

Please contact with any queries.

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