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Fencing Ireland was well represented and came away with a couple of medals this year at the 2018 US Nationals & July Challenge in St. Louis, Missouri.

Genevieve Clarke, Jake McGillion-Moore and Katie McGillion-Moore competed for Foil in a range of age categories, while Michael Geraghty and Sophia McGee flew the flag in Epee.

Men's Foil

Division I Men's Foil (130)

97th   Jake McGillion-Moore

Junior Men's Foil (251)

137th   Jake McGillion-Moore

Cadet Men's Foil (258)

45th  Jake McGillion-Moore

Women's Foil

Division I Women's Foil (99)

45th   Genevieve Clarke

Division II Women's Foil (159)

 3rd   Katie McGillion-Moore

Junior Women's Foil (226)

37th   Genevieve Clarke

Cadet Women's Foil (205)

 6th   Genevieve Clarke
53rd  Katie McGillion-Moore

Y-14 Women's Foil (230)

103rd  Katie McGillion-Moore

Men's Épée

Division I Men's Épée (159)

 113rd  Michael Geraghty

Women's Épée

Division III Women's Épée (173)

118th Sophia McGee

Junior Women's Épée (217)

208th Sophia McGee

Words and images by Fergal Moore.

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