This page lists fencers who have qualified to represent Ireland internationally at FIE and EFC competitions.

International Hub:

Registration for 2018/19 events

Pre-season programme submission: 26 April 2018 to 30 June 2018

Athletes named in priority order: 1 July 2018. Team World Cup squads will also be named at this time.

Rolling selection: At any time after 1 July 2018, panel fencers may register their interest in fencing at an FIE event and will be approved to attend. However, they may be liable for refereeing costs subject to numbers, or may be placed on a reserve list if all available places are already filled. At no time will a fencer who submits a rolling request displace a fencer who registered their interest during the official selection window. Fencers who qualify for the panel mid-season may participate in rolling selection.

Elite Panel: FIE Senior World Cup & Grand Prix

Senior World Cup panellist (MS) Most recent qualifying result Latest FI event (NC/IO)
Kirimlidis, Michalis Progressed to DE, Reykjavik SA (29 April 2018) 2017/18 NC
Jacob, Michael Progressed to DE, Reykjavik SA (29 April 2018) 2017/18 IO
Senior World Cup panellist (WS) Most recent qualifying result Latest FI event (NC/IO)

Entry-Level Panel: FIE Satellites, U23s, FIE Junior World Cup, Cadet Circuit

Name of FencerSenior LevelU23 LevelJunior LevelCadet LevelRelevant resultMost recent NC/IO
Aime, Frantz--Entry-2016/17 top 152016/17 NC
Barclay, ErinEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Barrett, DavinEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Bordier, MaxEntryEntryEntryEntry2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Clarke, AidanEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Concannon, StephenEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Cormican, Ciara--Entry-2017/18 top 152017/18 IO
Crowley, BrianEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Downey, DavidEntry---2016/17 top 152016/17 IO
Flynn, FionnEntry---2016/17 top 152016/17 NC
Garton, TadhgEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Harron, BrieninEntry---2016/17 top 152017/18 NC
Healy, LilliasEntryEntry--2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Kelleher, ColmEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Marshall, KathrynEntryEntry--2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
MacSweeney, KevinEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
McCabe, JohnEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
McGuckin, ImogenEntryEntry--2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Mooney, ChristopherEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 IO
Nolan, EmilyEntry---2016/17 top 152016/17 IO
O'Loughlin, AoifeEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Patton, Ross-Entry--2016/17 top 152016/17 IO
Reilly, AlexEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 IO
Rush, BethanyEntryEntry--2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Spence, NiamhEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 IO
Taylor, Beth--Entry-2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
Tobin, HughEntry---2017/18 top 152017/18 NC
(Hayes, Patrick)Entry---2016/17 top 15not found **