On the Piste: National Colours, Name and Nation Code, Mask Design, Other Uniform Requirements
Off the Piste: Tracksuit, Soft-shell Jacket

On the Piste

Irish National Fencing ColoursFencers representing Ireland at EFC or FIE events must display the following marks on their kit:

1. National Colours

  • National colours are required in accordance with FIE Rule m.25, part 3 g). The national colours should be printed or embroidered on to both legs of the breeches.
  • A copy of the national colours may be downloaded here. The logo should cover an area measuring 300 mm x 68 mm on each leg.
  • Please note that the Irish national colours should NOT appear on the arms of the jacket, but on the breeches only as shown opposite.

2. Name and Nation Code

  • Surname and country code (IRL) are required on the back of the fencing jacket (at épée) or lamé (at foil and sabre) in accordance with FIE Rule m.25, part 3 h) :The name of the fencer must be displayed on the back of the jacket, with the abbreviation of the national federation below it, at the level of the shoulder blades. They must be printed directly onto the jacket or onto a cloth entirely sewn onto the jacket. The letters must be in dark blue, in capitals, between 8 cm and 10 cm high, and between 1 cm and 1.5 cm wide, according to the length of the name.

Irish National Fencing MaskOptional: Ireland Mask

An official mask design for Irish fencers has also been registered with the FIE and is approved for use at FIE competitions, as follows. Please contact your mask manufacturer when ordering to request a mask with the Irish national design. Use of painted masks is entirely optional.

Other Uniform Requirements

Before travelling to any international competition, always check the latest edition of the FIE Rules For Competition (available on the FIE website) to ensure your equipment conforms fully to the rules. The FIE Rules are reviewed throughout the season and subject to change.

Note: When competing in team events at World Cups, European Championships, and World Championships, all athletes must have matching socks!

Soft-shell Jackets

Fencing Ireland holds a stock of navy soft-shell jackets bearing the Fencing Ireland logo and ‘Fencing Ireland’ on the reverse. These are a heavier, more hardwearing jacket suitable for wear over the podium tracksuit or as a casual jacket. They are available year-round in a range of sizes. Please contact scott@irishfencing.net to enquire.