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The most up-to-date information on international age-group competitions can be found on the organising bodies’ websites; this page is intended as a guide only and definitive information can be found at the following pages:

  • FIE Calendar: for Satellites, World Cups, and Grand Prix
  • EFC Calendar: for European Under-23 events and Coupe d’Europe

The following fencers are deemed selected for the attached events. If there are any errors or queries, please contact View past events from the 2017/18 season at the Calendar Archive. You may also view the 2018-19 calendar here.




Date Event Weapon Location Type Registered fencers
31 (Aug)-01 Sep Belgrade Satellite ME, WE Serbia Ind
05-06 Sep

07 Sep

08 Sep

Tashkent Satellite MF, WF



Uzbekistan Ind
07-08 Sep Amsterdam Satellite MF, WF, MS Netherlands Ind
 14-15 Sep Bratislava Satellite MF, WF, WE Slovakia Ind
21 Sep Stockholm Satellite ME, WE Sweden Ind
22-23 Sep Plovdiv Satellite MS, WS Bulgaria Ind
21 Sep

22 Sept

Bucharest Satellite MF


Romania Ind
28-29 Sep Ghent Satellite MS, WS Belgium Ind
28 Sep Turku Satellite ME, WE Finland Ind
28-29 Sep Cancun Satellite MF, WF Mexico Ind
05-06 Oct Reykjavik Satellite MS, WS Iceland Ind
05-06 Oct Geneva Satellite ME, WE Switzerland Ind
05-06 Oct Oslo Satellite ME, WE Norway Ind
05 Oct

06 Oct

Copenhagen Satellite MF


Denmark Ind
12-13 Oct Split Satellite ME, WE Croatia Ind
19-20 Oct Antalya Satellite WF, WS Turkey Ind
19-20 Oct San Jose Satellite ME, WE Costa Rica Ind
19 Oct Zagreb Satellite MF Croatia Ind
26-27 Oct Maalot Satellite WE Israel Ind
26-27 Oct Barcelona Satellite MF, WF Spain Ind
26-27 Oct Dublin Satellite ME Ireland Ind
26-27 Oct Tbilisi Satellite MS, WS Georgia Ind