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Ireland placed third overall at the 2016 Four Nations. England topped the table for a tenth consecutive year. 

Men's Épée Women's Épée
 1st England Ireland
 2nd  Ireland Scotland
 3rd  Wales England
4th Scotland Wales

Our épée teams were the most successful of the weekend. The Women's Épée team, consisting of Fiona Haldane, Anna Lise Mion, Laurie Laschetti and Marie McGinnity, was undefeated across the tournament. The closest match was against England, concluding 45-37 in Ireland's favour.

Suffering a 45-31 loss to England, the Men's Épée team came home with silver medals. The combination of Shane Whelan, Duncan Salter and Stephan Munn registered convincing victories over Wales and Scotland, winning by 20 and 7 points respectively.

Men's Foil Women's Foil
 1st Scotland Scotland
 2nd  England England
 3rd  Ireland Ireland
4th Wales Wales

Philip Lee, Patrick Dempsey and Patrick Dight formed the Men’s Foil team. A 45-32 victory over Wales earned them the bronze medal. The Women’s Foil squad (Gillian Worman, Laurie Laschetti and Anna Lise Mion) ran the Scottish team to their closest match of the day, finishing 43-40 to the Scots. The Irish women beat Wales 45-41 in another nailbiter.

Men's Sabre Women's Sabre
 1st England England
 2nd  Wales Wales
 3rd  Scotland Scotland
4th Ireland Ireland

Both of the Irish sabre teams unfortunately finished at the bottom of the table. Composed of Una de Bhuinn, Caroline Clancy and Annelise Whitaker, the Women’s Sabre team were saved from the wooden spoon by a 45-44 victory over Wales. Our Men’s Sabre team – Trevor Nesirky, Patrick Dight and Marc LePere – also reached a 44-44 deadlock (against Scotland), but went on to lose the final hit.

Well done to all of our veteran fencers! All over-40 fencers are invited to enter the Celtic Challenge, which is taking part in Dublin this July.

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