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This year saw a record turnout for the Viking Cup as 43 sabreurs travelled to Reykjavik. With three victories apiece in the pools, both Irish fencers met one of the eventual medallists and went out in the L32.

Michael Jacob faced down Kennedy CAN, Gustavsson SWE and Pitura CAN, losing his L32 against Gelinas CAN 15-10. Gelinas went on to take silver.

Michalis Kirimlidis defeated Alvarez CHI, Bonfeld ISR and Rohrlack USA, marking Rohrlack’s last loss until the semi-finals. He was knocked out 15-13 by Monsalva CHI.

  • Michael Jacob (MX Fencing) – 23rd of 43
  • Michalis Kirimlidis (Salle Dublin) – 25th of 43 

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