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Four Women’s Épéeists flew the flag for Ireland at the Cole Cup FIE Satellite in Sheffield today.

Irish #1 Lucy Johnson (DUFC) had a very strong morning the pool with victories over Walker GBR, Villacellino SIN, Wakefield GBR, and Elys FIE. Seeding 9th, she defeated Jansen CAN 15-11 and progressed to face British #4 Jess Gundry in the L16. Johnson was knocked out 15-5, placing 12th, with Gundry going on to take silver.

Newly crowned national champion Rachel Conner (Laszlo's Fencing) defeated Wilson GBR and Mizera POL in the pool. She lost her first DE 15-12 to Mo USA and finished in 28th place.

Anna-Lise Mion (Pembroke FC / Brian Boru FC) had one pool victory over Sadler GBR, losing 5-1 to DUFC's Hindsgaul DEN in the pool. Mion went out 15-6 to Kica POL and placed 32nd, while Hindsgaul was knocked out 15-6 by Gundry GBR, finishing 25th.

Jenny McGeever (Pentathlon Ireland) also had one pool victory (over Chung TPE) and lost 5-4 to Nickerson GBR and top seed MacKinnon CAN. She missed the cut on indicators and placed 33rd.

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