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Today in the Cadet Europeans in Jerusalem, Tim Andrews from Plymouth was placed a very creditable 31st out of 86 fencers in the Cadet Mens Epee event.

In his first round pool Tim had 3 victories (against Saavalainen FIN, Gusarov EST and Weber SUI) and 3 defeats (against Brems DEN, Michalik SVK and Brinkmann GER).

Seeded 46 after the pool, in the DE tableau of 64, he first came up against no. 19 seed Schneider GBR whom he defeated 15/11 to take him into the tableau of 32 where he was defeated 8/15 by the no. 14 seed Metrailler of Switzerland.

This result gives Tim encouragement heading into the Cadet World Championships next month in Bulgaria.

Later this week we will have Geoffrey Corcoran in action in the Junior Mens Epee event.

Nuala McGarrity in Jerusalem

24 February 2014

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