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On July 3rd, the FIE released the following statement regarding Leon Paul SR-71 and Leon Paul V-Blades

Dear President,

Equipment, Information letter 7-15 continued Having completed the analysis of Leon Paul SR-71 Epee blades, those with dates marked 08.2012 to 06.2015 will no longer be accepted at FIE events. Having completed the analysis of Leon Paul V Epee blades, any 08.2012 to 06.2015 blades without a serial number are suspended at FIE events. Other blades sold by Leon Paul are not affected.

For more information, please contact the SEMI Commission and the Leon Paul Company.

The IFF would like to advise all members who are planning on attending any FIE events or events using FIE rules that these weapons are not being accepted at weapon check and should seek to make alternative arrangements.

A decision regarding the use of these weapons at Irish domestics has yet to be made, but is hoped to be discussed at the upcoming AGM.

The full text of the letter can be found at the following link

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