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We had three Irish fencers at the Gdansk U23 this Saturday. 

Stephen Brown earned a place in the tableau V4D2 (Koslicki POL, Szewczyk, Izycki POL, Chtioui POL), then edged past Nowosielski POL 15-14, then was knocked out by Kuceba LAT.

Lucy Taylor was V3D3 after the pools, defeating Wierzchowska POL, Avelleira VEN, and Jablonowska POL. In the first round of the tableau she knocked out Bessman POL 15-6, then went out in turn to Jelinska POL in the L32.  Despite a pool victory over Szemplinska POL, Keziah Beattie fell short of the cut.

  • Stephen Brown (Queen’s University Belfast) 24th / 69
  • Lucy Taylor (Edinburgh FC)  26th / 66
  • Keziah Beattie (Grosvenor FC) 61st / 66

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