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The Merseyside Open concluded in Liverpool today, with Salle Dublin’s Geoffrey Corcoran and Northern Ireland fencer Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s) each taking bronze in the épée events.

Once again, Men’s Épée proved the largest event of the weekend with 89 entries. Duncan Salter (Pembroke) made it to the L8, while QUB fencers Richard Adams and Paul McCarron both reached the L16. Taking the prize for Best Novice in Men’s Épée, Timothy Porter (DUFC) was knocked out in the L32 as was Denis Callanan (Wrexham). Following strong starts in the pools, Scott O’Malley (Salle Dublin), Yves Carnec (Pembroke) and Arran Hope (King’s Canterbury) all suffered upsets in the L64, with Oliver Hope (King’s Canterbury) going out in the same round. DUFC fencers Achilleas Floudas, Ross Byrne and Blaise Delaney were all eliminated in the first round of DEs.

In Women’s Épée, Lucy Johnson (DUFC) claimed the Best Novice prize, placing 5th overall. Clubmate Camille Hindsgaul was knocked out in the L16 while Tasha Montgomery (QUB) finished 19th.

Crystal-Rose Percival was the only Irish entry in Women’s Foil this year, finishing 13th, and completed today’s novice hat-trick for DUFC by taking the Best Novice prize in that event as well.

Men’s Épée
3rd – Geoffrey Corcoran (Salle Dublin)
7th – Duncan Salter (Pembroke FC)
9th – Richard Adams (QUB)
16th – Paul McCarron (QUB)
24th – Denis Callanan (Wrexham)
27th – Timothy Porter (DUFC) [Novice prize]
33rd – Scott O’Malley (Salle Dublin)
36th – Arran Hope (King’s Canterbury)
40th – Yves Carnec (Pembroke FC)
51st – Oliver Hope (King’s Canterbury)
66th – Achilleas Floudas (DUFC)
73rd – Ross Byrne (DUFC)
84th – Blaise Delaney (DUFC)

Women’s Épée
3rd – Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s)
5th – Lucy Johnson (DUFC) [Novice prize]
14th – Camille Hindsgaul (DUFC)
19th – Tasha Montgomery (QUB)

Women’s Foil
13th – Crystal-Rose Percival (DUFC) [Novice prize]

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