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Three junior épéeists travelled to Latvia this weekend for the Junior World Cup in Riga.

Philip Slater (Lisburn Gladiators) was V0D6 in the pool to seed 127th. Jonathan Burnside (Foyle Fencing) was V1D6 and seeded 107th. Both missed the first-round cut to 104 fencers.

With V3D3, Geoffrey Corcoran (Salle Dublin) seeded 76th and progressed to the round of DEs. In the L128, he faced Sharlaimov KAZ, making a late comeback to win 15-14 over the higher seed. Corcoran was knocked out 15-7 by Russian #5 Sidorovich, placing 58th of 132 overall. This is Corcoran’s first L64 at this level, earning him two Junior World Cup points.

Best of luck to all three at the upcoming Junior European Championships.

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