The Intervarsity Championship is contested every spring.

Across all six weapons, colleges and universities select teams of three or four fencers to represent the club. Each weapon squad faces its counterparts from all the other colleges in a ‘best of nine bouts’ team format. Cups are awarded to the top team in each weapon, while the winning college across all weapons is awarded the Frank Russell Trophy.

The tournament weekend also includes a meeting of college club captains (at which the next year’s host is agreed) and a much-anticipated formal social.

YearSeriesHostsChampions# wins
2019LXVNUI Galway
2018LXIVUlster University, ColeraineDublin University [full results]41
2017LXIIIUniversity College CorkDublin University [full results]40
2016LXIIMaynooth UniversityDublin University [full results]39
2015LXIQueens University BelfastDublin University [full results]38
2014LXUniversity College DublinDublin University 37
2013LVIXUniversity of LimerickDublin University [full results]36
2012LVIIIDublin UniversityDublin University35
2011LVIINUI GalwayDublin University34
2010LVIDublin City UniversityDublin University33
2009LVUniversity of Ulster, ColeraineDublin University32
2008LIVUniversity College CorkDublin University31
2007LIIIUniversity College Dublin20
2006LIIUniversity College Dublin19
2005LIUniversity College Dublin18
2004LUniversity College Dublin17
2003XLIXUniversity College Dublin16
2002XLVIIIUniversity College Dublin15
2001XLVIIDublin University30
2000XLVIQueens University Belfast1
1999XLVUniversity College Dublin14
1998XLIVDublin University29
1997XLIIIUniversity College Dublin13
1996XLIIUniversity College Dublin12
1995XLIUniversity College Dublin11
1994XLDublin University28
1993XXXIXUniversity College Dublin10
1992XXXVIIIUniversity College Dublin9
1991XXXVIIDublin University27
1990XXXVIDublin University26
1989XXXVDublin University25
1988XXXIVDublin University24
1987XXXIIIDublin University23
1986XXXIIDublin University22
1985XXXIDublin University21
1984XXXDublin University20
1983XXIXDublin University19
1982XXVIIIDublin University18
1981XXVIIDublin University17
1980XXVIDublin University16
1979XXVDublin University15
1978XXIVUniversity College Dublin8
1977XXIIIUniversity College Dublin7
1976XXIIUniversity College Dublin6
1975XXIUniversity College Dublin5
1974XXUniversity College Dublin4
1973XIXUniversity College Dublin3
1972XVIIIUniversity College Dublin2
1971XVIIDublin University14
1970XVIDublin University13
1969XVDublin University12
1968XIVDublin University11
1967XIIIDublin University10
1966XIIUniversity College Dublin1
1965XIDublin University9
1964XDublin University8
1963IXDublin University7
1962VIIIDublin University6
1961VIIDublin University5
1960VIDublin University4
1959VRoyal College of Surgeons2
1958IVRoyal College of Surgeons1
1957IIIDublin University3
1956IIDublin University2
1955IDublin University1