The 2019 Fencing Ireland National Championships will be held at Loreto Abbey, Dalkey on 27-28 April.


Entry is open to any fencer who holds (or is eligible to hold) Irish citizenship. All participants must be current members of Fencing Ireland with a competition licence. Please direct any queries around eligibility to


Saturday 27th April
Men’s Foil: close check-in 09:30, start 09:45
Women’s Épée: close check-in 09:30, start 10:00
Women’s Foil: close check-in 12:30, start 12:45

Sunday 28th April
Men’s Epee: close check-in 09:30, start 09:45
Men’s Sabre: close check-in 12:30, start 12:45
Women’s Sabre: close check-in 14:00, start 14:15


Each competition will consist of one round of poules seeded by national rankings. All fencers will be promoted to the rounds of direct elimination.

Entry Details

Entry Fees
The early-bird entry fee is €20 for one weapon or €30 for two, payable at registration online. Fencers may enter a maximum of one event per day. The online form closes at 23.59 on Friday 26 April. Late entries will also be accepted up to the close of check-in on the day of competition with a late fee of €10. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view the entry form.

Please note that current domestic equipment rules will be strictly enforced, i.e. checking for 800N plastrons, correctly-sized jackets and lamés, legal weapons, and masks compliant with regulations (two fixings for all Leon Paul Contour masks).

Entry Lists

* denotes payment due at check-in

Women’s Épée

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Lenka Chochlikova Pembroke FC
2 Isabelle Clarke Brian Boru FC
3 Saoirse Moore Connaught
4 Rachel Connor Hill Laszlo’s
5 Clancy Flynn
6 Fiona Haldane Grosvenor FC
7 Hanna D’Aughton Pentathlon Ireland
8 Martha Crowe UCD
9 Jessica Sheppard* Ravenwood FC
10 Rachel Connor-Hill Laszlo’s
11 Anna-Lise Mion Brian Boru FC
12 Natalya Coyle Penthathlon Ireland
13 Sorcha Mellon Whelan Salle Dublin
14 Asling Mellon Whelan Salle Dublin
15 Anna Hege* UCD
16 Virginie Gaultier Pembroke
17 Alisha Mullen UCD
18 Stefania Negro Pembroke FC
18 Lorette Laschetti Lansdowne

Men’s Épée

Number Fencer Name Club
1 James Barden* UCD
2 Colm Casserly UCD
3 Dawid Kulka Brian Boru FC
4 Cian Spillane Brian Boru FC
5 Duncan Salter Brian Boru FC
6 Rory High Edinburgh FC
7 Meng Wang* Ravenwood FC
8 Sean Clarke* NUI Galway
9 Tom O’Brien* Pentathlon Ireland
10 Patrick Brennan Brian Boru
11 Jonathan Herz Pembroke
12 Stephen Grogan DUFC
12 Finn Heaslip* Brian Boru FC
13 Callum Baldrick NUI Galway/Connaught FC
14 Luke Sherlock Pembroke FC
15 Paul Mulready Brian Boru FC
16 Sean Ryan Brian Boru FC / UCD
17 Benedict Chambers FFF
18 Shane Whelan Salle Dublin
19 Ross Byrne Salle Dublin
19 Yves Carnec Pembroke FC
20 Joseph Carnec Pembroke FC
21 Peadar O’Loughlin UCDC

Women’s Foil

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Lucy Taylor* Edinburgh FC
2 Victoria Duxbury Cotswold FC
3 Genevieve Clarke OFC Bonn
4 Emilia Velma Pembroke FC
5 Catherine McConvey* Fence Like an Olympian
6 Isabella Keniston-Cooper Bath Sword Club
7 Fiadhnait McDonough
8 Anna Lee Pembroke FC
9 Dasha Lee Pembroke FC

Men’s Foil

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Duncan Salter Brian Boru FC
2 Lachlan Sykes Boston FC
3 Rory Hayes UCC
4 James Wyatt* Pembroke/UCD
5 Andrew Wyatt* Pembroke
6 Andrew Whyte UCD
7 Alastair Johnston Salle Hollyrood
8 Michael Li Salle Dublin
9 Jonathan Herz Pembroke
10 Alexander Penny Sullivan
11 Patrick Dempsey Saxon
12 Stephen Brown Fence Like an Olympian
13 Chris Lennon* Salle Boston
14 Claudio Dominik Sosa Smaltra Pembroke FC
15 Jonathan Connery Fence Like An Olympian
16 Matteo Sanvito Pembroke FC
17 Fearghal Donaghy DUFC
18 Rowan Luney Fence Like an Olympian / RBAI
19 Michael Thompson QUB
20 Sean Patmore DUFC
21 Conor Nagle Munster Blades

Women’s Sabre

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Emma McLaughlin* Magee Fencing
2 Kristine Rozenberga* UCD
3 Eile Watson* UCD
4 Imogen McGuckin DUFC

Men’s Sabre

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Nathan Boles NUIG
2 Barry Quigley* Magee Fencing
3 Michalis Kirimlidis Salle Dublin
4 Daithi Harkin University of Leicester
5 Kieran Dowse
6 Liam Forbes UCD
7 Michael Jacob MX Fencing
8 Chris Lennon* Salle Boston
9 James Moriaty-Smith Salle Dublin
10 Brian Crowley Salle Dublin
11 Michael Thompson QUB
12 Christian Hegarty Magee Fencing / Dundee University
13 Aidan Clarke Salle Dublin

Entry Form