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Fencing Ireland is delighted to host the 2017 National Championships at Loreto Abbey Sports Centre, Dalkey, Co. Dublin on 22-23 April.


All entrants must both:

  • be a current member of Fencing Ireland
  • hold, or be eligible to hold, Irish citizenship


Saturday 22 April
Women’s Épée – check in by 09.15
Men’s Foil – check in by 09.30
Women’s Foil – check in by 12.15
Gala foil finals from 15.30

Sunday 23 April
Men’s Épée – check in by 09.15
Men’s Sabre – check in by 12.15
Women’s Sabre – check in by 14.15
Gala sabre finals from 15.30

Fencers may enter a maximum of one event per day. The entry list is also available online.

Event Details

The early-bird entry fee is €20 for one weapon or €30 for two, payable at registration online. The online form closes at 23.59 on Thursday 20 April. Late entries will also be accepted on the day of competition with a late fee of €10. Please note that entries will be considered incomplete pending payment of the entry fee.

Format: one round of pools with all fencers promoted to Direct Elimination, followed by DE to a single winner.

Entry List

Men’s Épée (31)

Number Fencer Name Club
2 Paddy Brennan Pembroke FC
5 Philip Slater Lisburn Gladiators
8 Tom O’Brien Pentathlon Ireland / Brian Boru FC
9 Antoine O’Kelly Pembroke FC
10 Yves Carnec Pembroke FC
11 Dawid Kulka Pembroke FC
12 Duncan Salter Pembroke FC / Brian Boru FC
13 Scott O’Malley Brian Boru FC
15 Jamie Simpson Imperial College London / Brixton FC
17 Seán Ryan UCD / Pentathlon Ireland
20 Joseph Carnec Pembroke FC
23 Michael Thompson Lisburn Gladiators / RBAI
24 Shane Whelan Salle Dublin
26 Paul Verdon Grosvenor FC / RBAI
27 William Girvin Lisburn Gladiators
40 Tim O’Brien Pentathlon Ireland / Pembroke FC
41 Balazs Barcza Brian Boru FC
42 Benedict Chambers FFF
45 Fionán Davitt University College Cork
47 Meng Wang Ravenwood FC
51 Jack Lawler UCD
54 Colm Casserly UCD
56 Gerard Boyle Belfast FC
60 Conor Nagle Munster Blades
60 Cathal Kelly Munster Blades
72 Sean McNamara Pentathlon Ireland
82 Josh Donaghy UCD
86 Robbie Savage Pentathlon Ireland
89 Anthony Marinos University College Cork
119 Joseph Richardson Pembroke FC / Brian Boru FC
999 Eoghan Farrell Dublin City University

Women’s Épée (17)

Number Fencer Name Club
1 Lucy Johnson DUFC
2 Charlotte Slater Lisburn Gladiators
3 Anna-Lise Mion Brian Boru FC / Pembroke FC
5 Kate Coleman Brian Boru FC / Pentathlon Ireland
6 Sive Brassil Brian Boru FC / Pentathlon Ireland
8 Sorcha Mellon-Whelan UCD / Salle Dublin
9 Laura Donaghy UCD / Brian Boru FC
10 Rachel Conner Laszlo’s
11 Virginie Gautier
12 Isabelle Clarke Munster Blades FC / Pembroke FC
17 Sophia McGee Munster Blades FC
18 Jessica Sheppard Ravenwood FC
24 Elisabeth Kraman Dublin City University
38 Dearbhaile Collins DUFC
42 Shauna Louise Caffrey DUFC
999 Sophia Kalimtgis Knightsbridge FC
999 Natalya Coyle Brian Boru FC / Pentathlon Ireland

Men’s Foil (24)

Ranking Fencer Name Club
1 Phillip Cripwell* DUFC
2 Conor Nagle Munster Blades
7 Philip Lee* Pembroke FC
8 Alastair Johnston Salle Holyrood
11 Killian Hanlon DUFC
12 Duncan Salter Pembroke FC / Brian Boru FC
13 Luke Wallace Grosvenor FC
14 Michael Thompson Lisburn Gladiators / RBAI
15 Andrew Whyte UCD
19 Lachlan Sykes Salle Boston
21 Matthew McKay RBAI / Fence Like An Olympian
21 Jonathan Connery Grosvenor FC
24 Fearghal Donaghy DUFC
28 David White Belfast FC
30 Paul Verdon Grosvenor FC / RBAI
32 Fionán Davitt University College Cork
35 Rowan Luney RBAI
39 Patrick Dight Munster Blades
43 Grant Couper Salle Dublin
46 Adam Neville UCD
85 Paul Walsh UCD
999 Gerard Lavin Salle Boston
999 Adrian Lee Pembroke FC

Women’s Foil (12)

Ranking Fencer Name Club
1 Anna Lee Pembroke FC
3 Fiadhnait McDonough NUI Galway
5 Crystal Rose Percival* DUFC
9 Emilia Velma Pembroke FC
10 Leah McHugh DUFC
13 Gemma Maria Wright Ballester RCSI / DUFC
15 May Jeannette Fast University College Cork / Munster Blades
20 Annemarie Sullivan* Pembroke FC
21 Ellen Nic Thomas DUFC
24 Kristine Rozenberga UCD
27 Catherine McConvey Fence Like an Olympian
35 Niki Saridakis University College Cork

Men’s Sabre (9)

Ranking Fencer Name Club
1 Stephen Concannon Salle Dublin
2 Michalis Kirimlidis Salle Dublin
4 Tadhg Garton DUFC
16 Brian Crowley UCD / Salle Dublin
22 Daithi Harkin Foyle Fencing
35 Igor Brigadir UCD
35 Luke Dowling DUFC
35 Oisin McDermott UCD
999 Oisin Dwane University College Cork

Women’s Sabre (9)

Number Fencer Name Club
3 Beth Taylor Lisburn Gladiators FC
4 Ciara Cormican Lisburn Gladiators FC
6 Gerda Ziemele UCD / Salle Dublin
8 Imogen McGuckin DUFC
10 Erin Barclay Salle Dublin / University College Cork
14 Bethany Rush DUFC
15 Una DeBhuinn* Ravenwood FC
22 Samhain Nic Mhaghnusa UCD
29 Kathryn Marshall Foyle Fencing / University of Surrey