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This huge annual tournament took place in Wrocław, Poland over the weekend, attracting thousands of U15, U13 and U11 fencers at all three weapons from all over Europe.


Women's Foil

With pool victories against Naklika POL, Godau GER and Briciu ROU, Emilia Velma (Pembroke FC) seeded 69th for the tableau. Upset after upset followed, first taking out Musilkova CZE 15-10, then 5th seed Sedlakova CZE 15-12, followed by a 15-8 victory over Williams-Stewart GBR. In the L16 Emilia was knocked out 14-8 by Eszter Gyorgy of Slovakia. She placed 16th of 157 fencers.

Women's Épée
London-based épéeist Sophia Kalimtgis (Knightsbridge FC) defeated Filak POL, Włoczka POL, and Sarpkaya TUR in the pools and made the cut. She was knocked out 15-14 by Nowak POL and placed 90th of 182.


Men's Foil 

Pembroke FC's Claudio Sosa made the cut with victories over Skoczynski POL, Robbins GBR and Sloviak UKR. Receiving a bye through the first round, he convincingly overturned the higher-seeded Kolar CZE 12-2 in the L128. Claudio engineered further upset eliminating Scott-Payne GBR in a 12-11 nailbiter. He was finally defeated by Kiselev RUS and placed 30th of 230.

Matteo Sanvito (Pembroke FC) also made it out of the pools after defeating Kalkowski POL, Kamstra GBR, and Mauksch GER. He knocked out Toner TUR 12-11 but was knocked out by Sacharczuk POL, and finished 116th.

James Moriarty-Smith defeated Szopa POL in the pool but didn't reach the tableau. He placed 192nd overall.


Men's Foil 

Fencing in the U11s, Léon Gautier-Loftus beat three local fencers in the pool: Federow POL, Mozejko POL, and Siwek POL. He knocked out Długokecki POL 8-5 and upset Rut POL 8-7 in the L64. Léon lost 5-8 to Chaudhari GBR, having reached the L32 in a field of 172.

Myles Moriarty-Smyth registered pool victories over Laks POL, Swiatkowski POL, earning a place in the DEs. He was knocked out by Lizak POL, placing 106th.

Women's Foil

Erika Sanvito (Pembroke FC) placed 93rd of 133 after beating Wlodarczyk POL and Wasiak POL in the pool. Unfortunately she was the second fencer to miss the cut.

Men's Épée

Theodore Kalimtgis (Knightsbridge FC) defeated Waller CZE and Lachowski POL in the pools, going on to score an 8-7 upset over Cherciu ROU in the L128. He was knocked out by Paszak POL to finish 62nd of 153.

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