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Fencing Ireland is hosting the 7th biennial Celtic Challenge at DCU today, inviting fencers from Celtic nations across Europe!

Saturday: Men’s Épée, Women’s Foil and Men’s Sabre
Sunday: Women’s Épée, Men’s Foil and Women’s Sabre

Live results will become available over the course of the weekend at the following links.

There is also a team prize, calculated based on the standings from the individual events. Teams of three are submitted prior to the start of each individual competition. At the end of the individual event, the positions of the named fencers are added together to give a team result. The team with the lowest number is named team champions.

Mixed teams, comprising fencers from more than one nation, are permitted. A mixed team may win the team prize in their weapon, but their result can not be counted towards their nation’s overall position at the end of the Celtic Challenge.

The nation with the best overall performance will be named overall champion.


The progress of the teams can be followed via the links below

Trophy Points are awarded based on team results as follows.

1st place – 1pt; 2nd place – 2pts; 3rd place – 3pts; 4th place – 4pts

Regions who are unable to field a complete team are awarded 5 trophy points. Barbarian teams are ineligible for trophy points.


Final Results

  1. Wales (12pts)
  2. Ireland (16pts)
  3. Scotland (21pts)
  4. Galicia (25pts)

The full breakdown of trophy points can be found here


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