This calendar lists events that may be of interest to youth and cadet (that is, any fencer under 17). Senior events, as listed on the main Fencing Ireland Calendar, are open to all fencers aged 13 and up.

Key to Colours Ireland or NI event GB/European event International event Camp or Training day

The most up-to-date information on international age-group competitions can be found on the organising bodies’ websites:

If you would like to have an event or camp listed here, please email the Calendar Officer at Overseas training camps are also listed at the bottom of this page. View past events from 2017-18 here or scroll down to view 2018-19 events.

Date Event Weapon/s Location Age Group & Participants
1-10 April Cadet World Championships F-E-S Verona, Italy . Qualified fencers:
Sophia Kalimtgis
Charlotte Slater

Matthew McKay
Robbie Cockburn
Jake McGillion-Moore

Emilia Velma
Genevieve Clarke

7 April 2018 NI Junior Foil Series – Round 6 F tbc 8-16
6 May Fencing Ireland Achievement Awards F Loreto Abbey, Dalkey 7-20
12 May Pembroke Youth Series: Irish Youth Open F Loreto Abbey, Dalkey 7-20


Date Event Weapon/s Location Age Group & Participants
15-16 September Cadet Circuit: Konin (Men’s and Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Poland
15-16 Sept Cadet Circuit: Geneva (Women’s Épée) WE Switzerland
29-30 Sept Cadet Circuit: Manchester (Men’s & Women’s Foil) MF & WF United Kingdom
6-7 October Cadet Circuit: Godollo (Men’s and Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Hungary
13-14 Oct Cadet Circuit: Thessaloniki (Men’s Foil) MF Greece
13-14 Oct Cadet Circuit: Samorin (Women’s Foil) WF Slovakia
13-14 Oct Cadet Circuit: London (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS United Kingdom
20-21 Oct Cadet Circuit: Zrenjanin (Men’s & Women’s Épée) ME & WE Serbia
20-21 Oct Cadet Circuit: Moscow (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Russia
27-28 Oct Cadet Circuit: Klagenfurt (Men’s & Women’s Épée) ME & WE Austria
3-4 Nov Cadet Circuit: Grenoble (Men’s & Women’s Épée) ME & WE France
10-11 Nov Cadet Circuit: Budapest (Men’s Épée, Men’s & Women’s Foil) ME, MF & WF Hungary
10-11 Nov Cadet Circuit: Istanbul (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Turkey
17-18 Nov Cadet Circuit: Sofia (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Bulgaria
24-25 Nov Cadet Circuit: Bonn (Men’s Épée) ME Germany
24-25 Nov Cadet Circuit: Heidenheim (Women’s Épée) WE Germany
24-25 Nov Cadet Circuit: Moedling (Men’s & Women’s Foil) MF & WF Austria
1-2 Dec Cadet Circuit: Copenhagen (Men’s & Women’s Épée) ME & WE Denmark
1-2 Dec Cadet Circuit: Cabries (Men’s & Women’s Foil) MF & WF France
1-2 Dec Cadet Circuit: Eislingen (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Germany
15-16 Dec Cadet Circuit: Halle (Men’s Foil) MF Germany
15-16 Dec Cadet Circuit: Tauber (Women’s Foil) WF Germany
12-13 Jan Cadet Circuit: Bratislava (Men’s & Women’s Épée, Men’s Foil) ME, WE, MF Slovakia
12-13 Jan Cadet Circuit: Satu Mare (Women’s Foil) WF Romania
12-13 Jan Cadet Circuit: Meylan (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS France
26-27 Jan Cadet Circuit: Espoo (Men’s & Women’s Épée) ME & WE Finland
26-27 Jan Cadet Circuit: Rome (Men’s & Women’s Foil) MF & WF Italy
26-27 Jan Cadet Circuit: Moedling (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Austria
2-3 Feb Cadet Circuit: Bucharest (Men’s & Women’s Sabre) MS & WS Romania
9-10 Feb Cadet Circuit: Krakow (Men’s & Women’s Épee) ME & WE Poland
9-10 Feb Cadet Circuit: Warsaw (Men’s Foil) MF Poland
9-10 Feb Cadet Circuit: Poznan (Women’s Foil) WF Poland
March European Cadet Championships, Foggia F-E-S Italy .
April World Cadet Championships, Torun F-E-S Poland .