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This weekend in Austria, Frantz Aime (CH Chatelaine) secured his best result yet at international level, achieving his second L64 of the season at a notoriously challenging event.

Aime was V7D5 across two rounds of pools, defeating Abidovs LAT, Prosse BEL,Kavak TUR, Snell AUS, Piccioli FRA, Dobo HUN and Peker TUR. Seeding 77th for the tableau, Frantz earned a bye into the 128. He overturned Glenadel FRA 15-14 and went out 15-12 to Fernandes USA, placing 55th of 178 overall.

A victory over Hely AUS did not see Beth Taylor (Lisburn Gladiators) through to the second pool on Sunday. Beth placed 118th of 137 fencers.

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