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Back in Finland, there were four entries to Sunday’s Junior World Cup in Men’s Épée, competing in a field of 174 fencers.

Arran Hope and Oliver Hope (King’s School Canterbury) took one victory each in the pool, over Hagberg SWE and Raeder NOR respectively. Unfortunately neither qualified for the tableau. Oliver placed 149th while Arran placed 164th.

Junior #1 and #2 Philip Slater (Lisburn Gladiators) and Jonathan Burnside (Foyle Fencing) both reached the DE rounds. Slater defeated Reclo SVK and Paschuk EST in the pool, progressing to face Ewart USA in the L256. Slater was knocked out 15-11 and placed 137th.

Burnside qualified for the tableau with pool victories over Bartaska LTU and Lipsanen FIN. He succeeded in overturning the higher-seeded Simsek TUR in the first round with a 15-14 victory. In the L128 he met world #53 Eskov EST and was knocked out. Burnside places 127th.

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