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Two of our Women's Épée fencers qualified for the World Championships on Saturday. Lucy Johnson and Jennifer McGeever both went V2D4 in the pools to earn a tableau place at the Barcelona World Cup

Lucy Johnson's victories over Riedmueller GER and Aksin TUR resulted in a draw against Rojkova UZB. Johnson overturned the higher seed 15-14, but went out in the p128 to junior #17 Hecht ISR. 

McGeever defeated Murakami JPN and Schmidl AUT in the pools. She was knocked out 15-14 by Riedmueller GER in the first round.

Rachel Conner defeated Kameniscakova SVK in the pool but didn't reach the DEs.

  • Lucy Johnson (Leon Paul Épée / Knightsbridge FC) – 159 / 247
  • Jennifer McGeever (Pentathlon Ireland) – 189 / 247
  • Rachel Conner (Laszlo's Fencing) – 226 / 237

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