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Victoria Duxbury (Edinburgh) consolidated a superb start to the season with second podium finish, adding bronze at Bristol to her recent successes in Essex and Cork. 

Fellow foilists included Dublin-based Joana Ramalho who placed 21st, and was closely followed by junior fencer Anna Lee (Pembroke) in 23rd.

In Men’s Foil, David Alexander (Nottingham Cavaliers) and Brendan Cusack (Empire Utd) both reached the L16, placing 9th and 11th.

Men’s Foil saw a particularly strong Irish turnout as Christopher Lennon (Cardiff University) placed 33rd, junior Phillip Cripwell (DUFC) came in 44th, John Wyatt (Pembroke) finished 46th, veteran Philip Lee (Pembroke) was 53rd, and Patrick Dempsey (Saxon) came 66th.

Following a formidable start in the pools, Olympic hopeful Stephen Concannon (Salle Dublin) narrowly missed out on a medal in Men’s Sabre, finishing 5th. Two further Irish fencers made it to the L32: Michael Jacob (Birmingham) came 19th and Michalis Kirimlidis (Salle Dublin) finished 29th.

All three entrants to Women’s Épée all finished strongly within the L64. Plymouth College clubmates Kerrie Johnson and Eimear O’Neill placed 34th and 40th respectively, while Rachel Conner (Laszlo’s) finished 39th.

Well done to all of our fencers!

Photo: Pablo Fernandez, used under Creative Commons License (By SA 2.0)

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