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Men’s Sabre and Women’s Foil were the events of the day at the Amsterdam satellite.

Aidan Clarke and Michalis Kirimlidis (both of Salle Dublin) fenced their way into the L32. Clarke defeated Doorakkers NED, Van Durme BEL and Hagen NED in the pools, earning a spot in the tableau. He was knocked out 15-11 by Matushkin RUS, finishing 25th. Kirimlidis scored pool victories over Tan SIN and Buser NED; he went out to Weller ISV and placed 27th.

Despite winning just one pool match (against Kwok GBR) Edinburgh FC’s Victoria Duxbury progressed through the cut on indicators. She was knocked out 15-13 by Weintraub USA and placed 46th of 59.

Well done to all three!

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