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The 2017 AGM took place in Dublin 2 yesterday (Sunday 18 June.)


The following individuals were elected to the committee for 2017-18.

Hon. Chair: Philip Lee
Hon. Treasurer: Julian Smith
Hon. Secretary: Nuala McGarrity

Committee Members:
Laura Donaghy, Des Gilhooly, Scott O’Malley, Michael Ryan, Duncan Salter, Jamie Simpson


All reports were adopted by the membership. The following amendments to the Articles were passed:

  1. Add the following sentence to Article 17.2:
    “This provision shall only take effect in respect of years subsequent to 2016 meaning that a Director who was elected prior to 2016 at an AGM shall not have those years counted in respect of the above provision."
  2. Add the following sentence to Clause 16.1
    “However, the Board shall be entitled to co-opt up to three Directors in addition to the statutory ten by way of a majority vote of the Board.”

Other Business

  • Committee: Nuala McGarrity signalled her intention to step down as Hon. Secretary by the end of December, and to oversee an orderly handover of her role in the meantime.
  • Development: All-weapon training weekend to be held 19/20 August at Loreto Abbey Dalkey. Foil section already organised, epee and sabre to be arranged.
  • Coaching: Level 2 course envisaged to be run between September and Christmas, and new Level 1 course to be run in early 2018.
  • Strategy: Discussion of introducing young foilists to a second weapon earlier to maintain their interest.
  • Competition: Look at format of some competitions in order to give more fencing, especially for women who feel they get poorer value in entry fees with small numbers.
  • Students: Meeting of college Club Captains with Board to be held before September, examining graduate retention and training camps for students.

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